Its almost a full year since the Plate was launched on November 3rd, 2021.

Things are going well, we have a solid group of men that meet at 5: 45 PM Tuesdays at Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballinger Rd, 27410.  Originally we met at WGMS where we were invited to submit forms to continue to use that school and put up a million dollar liability policy, and pay a rental, or find another site.

Leonard is fine, its got fields, space and greenways, and is a short hop to Guilford Elem School where space abounds if needed.

50 workouts in the book- 48 BB in the book.  Only 2 BB missed.  Thats a record Patch!  Love to see some of dat DATA that is supposedly out there,,,,

YHC opinion is that BB can help build AO’s but is time consuming, and probably needs a better way to record info. If at all….

It’s a challenge to get new Qs at all AO’s and putting the BB work into it as well, is an obstacle.  Other opinion to share, we have plenty of AM Ao’s in Natville, maybe need some more PM’s?

Anyway, here is the double BB.

10-12-21 BB

13 pax: Wingman, Expired, Sheldon, Short Bus, Mr Hand, Windmill, Stryker, Sky, Waterboy, Apollo, Snow white, Kevin, Michelin Man.  As promised, if no one was going to step up to Q, YHC was gonna do IRON PAX combos till they did.  After a short Warm-A-Rama of the usual, it was off to the THANG:

Station 1 in a field, shortened version of the LAREDO. 24 Merkins, 24 Lunges, 24 Big Boy Sit ups, 200 yard run- rinse and repeat 3 times.  Too bad Slummy missed, it was a gas.

Pax were filling the beauty so it was off to the other field for Station 2- shortened version of the KILLER B’s:

10 yard marker, 10 yard marker, 10 yard marker.  Bunny hop to first 10 yard marker, 10 burpees, 10 bonnie blairs, 10 lbcs, repeat at each marker for 3 sets, bear crawls to start, repeat 3 times.

Another crowd pleaser!  Mosey to flag, where we had some time for some lunge stretch walks and short mary- COT missed.  However, Sheldon passed his exams so he is now DR. Sheldon!

10-19-21. Great weather.  18 pax. Stryker had to bail on the Q, so YHC was on again.  What to do?  Saturday we had a 7 year converge at CN, Daphne led us in the original COBRA Q from some fella named COBRA who showed up in camo shorts. This Q has it all, write it down, use it, its a crowd pleaser.  BY THE WAY, waiting on that BB from Saturday,,,, Rules for thee but not for me??????

PAX: Polo,Desk Pop, Heisenberg (splinters) Wingman, Michelin Man, Slummy, Dr. Sheldon, Damage Control, Short Bus, Snow White, Plissken, Kevin, Mudflap, Kilowatt, Mr Hand, Windmill, Apollo, and Expired on the Q.

Well if you went Saturday, you know,,,,

Heh Daphne, gonna make it simple for ya, copy and paste, insert 58 names and viola, got you a BB.

We repeated the COBRA Q.

Usual warm a rama, and then to the Thang:

10 merkin/burpee ladder- thought I was gonna have a MUTINY with a REDWOOD to witness,,,,run to next station. YHC had cards for reluctant Q’s to lead an exercise, they crushed it!

stop 1- Mr Hand, 10 monkey humpers in cadence, run to station 2- Dr Sheldon prescribes 20 burpees, run to station 3, Michelin Man orders 40 hammers, run to station 4, Short Bus delivers 60 squats with form help from Slummy.  Run to station 5- Plissken dials up 80 lbc’s, run to station 6, Damage control leads 100 merkins which were capped by Apollo’s famous Jack Holes.

Decent running, we got a large AO and saw most of it. All got better.  Short Mary and Short Bus took us out- prayers for his cousin on a ventilator with covid.

Ragnar relay coming- see slummy. Ruck FR Challenge, see Kilowatt.

Thanks for the opportunity. Wingman next week, Kilowatt next.