Date: 10/18/2021

Workout: Circle Time

Location: Jesse Wharton Elementary

Pax: Gepetto, ABC (Respect), Amicus, Jitterbug (Respect), Airball, Untouchable, Longtime, DQ, Red Dragon, Patch (Q)


The night before the printer was out of ink so YHC couldn’t print out instructions and slips of paper with the exercises on them. Sooo, it being late YHC turned to handwriting.  Somehow, someway, I managed to screw up the ziplock bags with the exercise slips.

Alarm went off at 3:30. Every time I do this this seems to be the EASIEST time to get up.  It’s weird.  Put buckets in the truck, grabbed my SF (just incase Canary isn’t there and doesn’t bring one), headlamp, worklight, cones, watch, sweatshirt, beanie, ready to go.

I got to the AO just before 4:30 which gave me about a half hour to setup.  Some of the buckets in the stack, YHC struggled to get them apart.  Anyways, I started with station 1, then 2, 3, etc.  Had to run to get the field station [7] setup before the EC run started at 0500.

Jitterbug and YHC took off just after 0500.  We saw Untouchable out there on the route.  Airball when we got close to the AO.

Mission Statement and Disclaimer

Knowing ABC was on his way we started Warmarama in place (typical).

Warm A Rama

SSH – 30 IC

Toy Soldiers – 15 IC

String Rippers – 15 IC

Merkins – 10

The Thang – Bucket Tour

This is the second running of the Bucket Tour.  This time we introduced poker chips into the mix as well.  Each group starts off with 3 poker chips.  After conducting an exercise under one of the buckets the team can leave a poker chip behind and award additional exercises to the other teams.

YHC intended on supplying the following graphic as instructions for each team lead.  Unfortunately, we had to operate without it. That turned out to be the least of our worries.

Exercises at each station were [SUPPOSED TO BE] as follows:

Station 1: Mike Tysons, Lunges, Hillbilly’s

Station 2: Monkey Humpers, Crabcakes, Imperial Walkers

Station 3: Merkins, Bear Crawl, Broad Jump

Station 4: Dips, Step Ups, Derkins

Station 5: Aussie Mtn. Climbers, BTTW, Wall Sits (w/Overhead Press)

Station 6: Pull Ups, Squats, Merkins

Station 7: Suicide, Out and Back Mosey, Backward Mosey

Looking at my notes in front of me now, I see what happened.  All the stations are offset by 1.

Here were some of the glaring issues this produced:

  1. Pullups specified at Station 5 (the wall), without a pullup bar
  2. All the field work specified at Station 6 (playground), without a field
  3. Bench work specified at Station 3 (the flag), without benches
  4. Broad jumps and bear crawls CURB to CURB specified at Station 2 (THE ROAD) [across traffic!], instead of the school grounds.
  5. Monkey humpers done at Station 1 (traffic circle) instead of out on the curb next to traffic as intended (Lol).
  6. Group 1 spent most of the time shuttling workout instructions from station to station to get it back to normal.

In my mind, I had this grand plan just to enjoy the workout and let it take us where it will.  Total failure on my part.

End rant, but for next time verify the exercises are at the right station.  My bad.


The guys helped gather everything up at Omaha so we didn’t have any real time for Mary.

10 American Hammers IC




Q School Friday Session at Good News with Tommy Boy

Saturday is at Cornwallis’ Nightmare 6:45 AM start, that’s the field work.

3rd F QSource at Panera Bread after the workout.  Hall Pass might be taking over QSource SiteQ here soon.

We have a new spreadsheet tool for logging attendance and FNG information.  Other than when phones don’t record the names at big workouts, we should be able to get to 100% attendance records.  YHC is excited about what this will bring.  We’ll be able to recognize when people drop out of our group and reach out to them for their feedback.  We can come up with hypotheticals and our own reasons why they might leave but we’d really like to hear from them.  We can also use it to track 2nd and 3rd F activity for special recognition to Pax members who go above and beyond.  Please help support us in this effort to gather attendance.  It should help streamline our FNG onboarding process as well as updating our distribution lists.

Problems this tool might solve:

  1. Complete attendance record (anyone can enter the names)
  2. Date inaccuracies (data validation)
  3. Name misspellings (data validation against the online roster)
  4. Consolidates with the FNG information submission process (No more: Who do I submit their info to?)
  5. Speed up name recording (Autocomplete)
  6. Resolves duplicate names (display name is F3 Name and Hospital Name in parentheses)
  7. Readily available online data source for reports (no pre-processing required)
  8. Saves Patch / Weaselshaker a bunch of time

Current issues still working through is that the tool isn’t mobile friendly.  Use it on a desktop or laptop.  Delegate responsibility to someone who does have one if you don’t have access to one.

Gepetto took us out in prayer.

Have a great week men.  Get something done that you’ve been putting off.


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