10/16/2021 Cornwallis Nightmare 7yr Anniversary: “This is gonna hurt me way more than it does you”


55 Pax: Longtime, Double check, Drifter, Hazmat, Kevin, Crawlspace, Yeti, Viagra, Stryker, Michelin Man, Utters, Expired, FloJo, John Coctostan, Big Worm, TPS, Sacked, Short track, Snookie, 50CC, Nails, Bobby Knight, Dial Up, Weed, Tommy Boy, Red dragon, Matlock, Don’t ya Know, Sir Isaac, Mugsy, Gigawatt, HBO, Hall Pass, Sugar Cake, Butt Fumble, ByRider, Stick Shift, Boy Wonder, Bones, Snowflake, Houlihan, Crab Cake, Hoosier, Wicked, Slumlord, Xerox, Man Eater, Patch, Birds Nest, Goldie Locks, Root, Kilowatt, Akron, (QIC) Daphne


Greetings: YHC in a highly motivated, slightly jumbled, loving manner welcomed the pax and congratulated them on the amazing accomplishment of planting, growing and serving small work out groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership in Greensboro and beyond for last 7 years! Blah blah blah.. and so it began!


Warm-A -Rama: YHC led the pax to their ancestral soil, where the original mothership landed 7 years prior on “the baseball field” and we all know.. nothing good happens on the baseball field and this day would be no exception.


20 SSH, 40 Sun gods (always a crowd pleaser) with a bonus of 10 Chinooks, 15 String Rippers, 20 Merkins (because YHC was afraid the Pax wouldn’t be satisfied with the 300 Merkins that soon awaited them) and 20 Squats


The Thang: the Pax was separated into 5 teams of 10-11 and positioned at the first 5 of the 10 stations that were located around the outer edge of the baseball field. There each team would complete the exercises designated. Once each group completed their station they would run to the next station and so on until all 10 stations were completed.


  • But before it begins, YHC had to take this opportunity to brag (what a jerk) of his grand accomplishment of having one of his exercises entered into the official F3 Lexicon and then invited the pax to join him in it… THE BURP & MERK


Burp & Merk ( a pyramid of merkins from 1-10-1 separated by a burpee at each number= 100 merkins & 20 burpees).. “I told you..what a jerk”




10 Monkey Humpers (IC)


20 Burpees (because the first 20 weren’t enough)


30 Imperial Walkers (IC)


40 American Hammers (IC)


50 Crab Cakes (IC)


60 Squats


70 Plank Jacks


80 Sun gods


90 Crunches


100 Merkins (pax are now somewhere around 250 merkins but who’s counting)


Bonus: Pax were to run over to the wall of pain and…


20 Dips


20 Derkins (now 270 but again who’s really counting)


20 Crunches


20 Step ups


And because this pax is a group of deranged ( in the best way) bad asses, with the time remaining insisted we RINSE & REPEAT!!! Again.. not that you’re counting but for those pax who choose of their own free will (NOT.. Kilowatt made us) to head right back to the 10th station, left them somewhere around the ungodly number of 370 merkins for the morning!


Moleskin: Gentlemen it was my complete honor and privilege to celebrate this auspicious occasion with you. Over these last 7 years each one of you has had a part in lifting up 1000’s of men, countless community members and forever changing this town we call home for the better. May God bless you and your families and give us the strength to continue our journey of leaving no man behind nor where we found them…for many many more years to come!