Oct 6, 2021
It’sJust Lunch
Pax: Dabo, Magician, Barney(R), Spurrier, Bartman, Blackswan, Cotton Candy(2.0), Snow WHite (R), Kevin(R), Crawlspace
Q: Crawlspace

WAR: Various exercises to warm up the body.

THANG: 35 minutes of ab work. Most recovery was active utilizing Plank exercises. Multiple sets up Bruce Lee Abs, look it up if you’re not familiar. Various planks for active recover between the Bruce Lee Abs. Worked on the lower abs with leg extension extercises: flutter kicks, box cutters scissors, etc. These become difficult when the body is taxed. I really started to freestyle with the abs X & O’s with scissor kicks and freddy mercury mixed in.

MOM: No need. Pax were gassed.

Moleskin: Great AO 2nd F. Lunch was an easy 30 minutes of hanging with guys you typically don’t see in the Gloom
Checkout this AO.

An honor to lead, Cobains on the late BB.