Date: 10/14/21

Weather: 63 degrees w/ manageable humidity – great for running and rucking!

PAX (53!): Udders, Snakes On A Plane, Don’t Cha Know (War Daddy), Amphibious, Mall Cop, Ricola, Root, Nomex, Drizzle, Explosion, Scooby Doo, Golden Corral, Saban, Bones, Norwood, Temple, DQ, Amicus, Etch-A-Sketch, Phoenix, Gekko, Always Be Closing (Former FNG George Talbert), Steak Knives (F3 Wilmington), Pocahontas, Refi, Sacked, Long Time, Wolverine (War Baby), Graffiti, Hermey, Oil Slick, Nancy, Cavity, Drifter, Egg Plant, Bruce Lee, Poehler, Frosty, Annie Oakley, Bushwood (Ruck Q), Guiding Light, Xerox, Patch, City Slicker, Footloose, Houlihan, Maneater, Bodett, Cornhole, Settlement, Akron, Canary, Wojo (Run Q & QIC)

The F3 Greensboro 7 year anniversary celebration continued today at the first Thursday workout AO in our history – the Starmount Stampede. 31 runners and 22 ruckers, including FNG George Talbert (now F3 Always be Closing), showed up this morning for their daily #downpainment. Regardless whether they were running or rucking, all of us got better!

Bushwood led the 22 ruckers (including George, today’s FNG) through the Greensboro Arboretum to Walker Avenue, they took a left on Elam, a left on W. Market Street, and then back into the park on Starmount Drive. While not a Wojo-approved distance, this was a great ruck route and a solid distance to cover. The ruckers and runners arrived back at the Lindley Park basketball court at the same time.

YHC led the run Q today and began with a quick Warm-O-Rama:

  • SSH X 12 IC
  • Hillbillies X 12 IC
  • Abe Vigoda X 12 IC (down for 3, up on 4)
  • String Rippers X 12 IC

We continued our warm-up by moseying out of the park, across W. Market St. and up Starmount to the Beverly Place stop sign.


Today’s Stampede was all about interval work and staying together – run the segments fast (at least 70% effort), recover and pick up the six. I even threw in some partner competition to make sure we were all working hard.

  • Segment 1: mosey from Beverly/Starmount to Knollwood/Starmount intersection.
  • Segment 2: go hard up Knollwood to Madison & recover back down. Pick up the 6 and mosey to Wedgedale
  • Segment 3: go hard up Wedgedale to Madison & recover back down. Pick up the six and mosey to Brentwood split. Pax were asked to partner up with a guy of similar speed.
  • Segment 4: Partner Race around East & West Brentwood. Partners go the opposite way and first one back to the split wins. Loser does 5 merkins (or better yet, both partners do 5 merkins together)
  • Segment 5: REPEATO the Partner, but partners go the opposite route this time. Loser or both Pax do 5 merkins
  • Segment 6: recover mosey up E. Brentwood to Madison and go hard up Madison from E. Brentwood to Beverly Pl. Pick up the six
  • Segment 7: Recovery mosey (or hard if you want to) down Beverly to Starmount. Pick up the six and cross back into Lindley Park to the shovel flag.

Total Distance on the Garmin Vivoactive 3: 3.61 miles (a Wojo approved distance)

MARY – Ruckers and Runner together

  • American Hammers X 5 IC

Naked Man Moleskin

  • From Bushwood: TClaps to Annie Oakley & Temple for pushing through the ruck this morning at a tough, Bodett-driven pace over the 2.4 miles.
  • I was hopeful when I saw our Nantan, Sacked this morning in the parking lot…until I saw his ruck. (SIGH!) One of these days, brother, I will see you running at a running workout! I’m glad you were with us today – that’s good enough!
  • A special welcome to George, from today known as Always Be Closing, for posting with us this morning. TClaps to Patch for the EH and for rucking with him instead of running.
  • Thank you Maneater for pointing out the craziness we felt at starting an entirely running AO in our first year. TClaps to Nancy, Amphibious and Cheesy Poof for running with it (see what I did there?!) and making it work. Starmount Stampede is now one of our most well attended AOs each week, averaging 20+ guys per week (Patch, please fact check me here)!
  • And speaking of Amphibious, brother you continue to bring out what COT should be. #Redwood! Thank you for telling the story of Tab, your coworker who was struggling, accepted a change, started killing it at work, but now is in critical intensive care after a reaction/incident during his routine colonoscopy. Please pray for Tab and his doctors for healing and a full recovery. I literally booked a colonoscopy this week for mid-December so Tab’s experience shook me.
  • In addition to our strong running culture at F3, how about that rucking culture?!? Awesome to see so many guys rucking today. Maybe a big ruck CSAUP or Grow Ruck event could be in #Natville’s future!
  • For all the prayers – spoken and unspoken, the injuries, the mental battles we face, I am so comforted that you community of brothers are here in this community and in my and our lives to help us and make us better. May we continue to grow, learn and shine! I love you guys!
  • You don’t want to miss our Friday and Saturday convergences – Kilowatt (Weasel Shaker Emeritus at Uptown Funk) and Daphne (Nantan Emeritus at Cornwallis’ Nightmare) will absolutely bring the #DRP (Daily Red Pill, a Matrix reference) #Funishment. Be there and re-EH a guy who hasn’t been out in a long time and/or bring out an FNG.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to Q today and for being F3 Greensboro!