Seeing the opening and the call for a Q at Shakeweight for the convergence week, YHC offered up services. While not a Redwood, YHC has been around for most of the 7 years and all of the time of Shakeweight including the first workout at Lake Daniel Park in July 2015.

It was good to see Houlihan there Tuesday as he was one of 9 with me at that first workout. Others inculded Ronda, Wilson (Q), Fletch, Lightyear, Shuttlecock, Full House; and Floss

Anyways- back to October 12. I recieved some notice via socal media that it was World/National Burpee day., so the slaughter start was planned. The rest of the workout would be simular to what we did at that first Shakeweight.

6 splinter ruckers

7-ish splinter runners

Pax: Drifta, Gilligan, Guuiding Light, Phoenix, JZ, Butt Fumble, Stretch, Short Circuit, Scooby Doo, Golden Corral, Nancy, Bushwood, Xerox, Gunny, Fannie, Mall Cop, Nomex, Amphibious, Dial Up, Weed, EggPlant, Don’t Cha Know, Wojo, Gecko, Scratch, Flo Jo, Tommy Boy, Akron, City Slicker, 3 for 1, Stick Shift, 50 cc, Oil Slick, Kilowatt, Pity the Fool, Red Dragon, Snooki, Bobby Kinght, TJ Hooker, Radiator, Boy Wonder, Patch, Slumlord, Poehler, Maneater, Drizzle, Earhart, Houlihan, Tesla, Bodett

The workout went something like this:

Q’s Charge – Don’t give an effort today that you will regret tomorrow!
There will be some questions thrown out today. Incorrect answers are a penalty for the pax, truthful but not the answer I am looking for result in a smaller penalty for the pax.

What is today? World or National Burpee Day – therefore do 20 burpees!

Michael Phelps aka Hugs –OYO
K-bell swing around body IC x 10; reverse x 10IC
String Rippers X 10 IC FOCUS ON FORM!

Timer was setup for 1 minute of exercise and 15 second recovery. Reps were oyo and AMRAP.

Round 1
Bridge Press – Reverse Plank press upright- left side
KB Swing – Chest height, lock leg
Dead Lift Row – Down up and row – keep back straight
Curls x 30 seconds each side
Bridge Press – Reverse Plank press upright- right side
KB Swing
Dead Lift Row – Down up and row – keep back straight

7/14 Workout start at Lake Daniel Park b-ball court

Round 2
Cusack weight with Right leg lateral lift
Tricep Extension – 30 seconds each side
Lunge with pass through and around back. – switch direction at 30 seconds
Curls x 30 seconds each side
Row in Lunge Position left
Curls x 30 seconds each side
Elf on Shelf right-30 seconds/left 30 seconds
Row in Lunge Position right
Ground – Crunch with Press (like LB except press kb up while holding crunch)

7/21 move to Grimsley
Ocotober-ish 2015 move to Friendly Parking deck due to 6-7 straight Tuesdays of rain.

Round 3
KB windmill – left arm up
Squats with rotation – jump and turn 90 degrees 0-270-90
Turkish Getups – Arm up, lunge down, cross legs getting down on the ground – Up and Down – left (Rhonda showed up proper form, need to work on)
KB windmill – right arm
Squats with rotation – jump and turn 90 degrees 0-270-90
Cusack weight with Left leg lateral lift
Swing and snatch – Pull down throw up – left
Swing and snatch – Pull down throw up – right
Plank with Row 30 seconds each side


American Hammer with KB



Thursday: Starmount Stampede w/WOJO

Friday: Uptown Funk w/Kilowatt