Tclaps to Apollo for Qin the Blue Plate 1o-05-21.

YHC had his 30year wedding anniversary and to make it to 31 had to miss the fun.

We meet at Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballinger Rd, 27410.  Its on the west side of town near the airport, currently the bridge is out over Ballinger so access thru Chimney Rock Road.

Fine AO, we usually have the place to ourselves,  big fields, greenway and a large school nearby that is always empty.  Check us out 5:45 PM Tuesdays.  Hard stop at 6:30 so you can be home to catch Jeopardy.

Rain, off and on all day, no matter, Apollo is a veteran and he was going to lead.

F3 Workouts are help outdoors, no matter the weather.  I had to dig at Plisken for missing- “how would you feel if you were the Q and little rain kept some form coming?”  Expect more of that- you know who.

Pax: Waterboy, Short Bus, Quint, Damage Control, Mr Hand, Windmill, Wingman, Mudflap, Sky and Apollo on the Q.

Apollo is the King of The PM, he started Closing Time years ago and pioneered the non-gloom workouts.  To be sure, this is where growth will probably be coming from in the future.

While YHC was not there, Apollo being the experienced Q had the communications under control, so I can recreate the workout:

2 miles of running, 4 corners, Presidential Trivia, wall sits, & BTTW, and BLIMPS.  They looked GASSED at the end, maybe it was the 30 burpees?

Fun Fact- there are Red necks in the Netherlands, despite Windmills claims that they all came over here:


Waterboy took em out!