Date:  Friday, Septermber 17, 2021

AO:  Good News

Q: FloJo

PAX:  Bodett, Snookie,  & FloJo on the “Q”.

It was the end of the week and word on the street was “PAX members were beaten up from earlier in the week.” I’m thinking you need to add this workout to being beat, but at least you will not be running to do it. I welcomed the PAX, proclaimed the F3 Mission, and got down to business. 

Warm-a-Rama:  Side-straddle toe-touches x15, Sun-Gods x 15 frontward and backward, Windmills x10 (hold count of 3 each leg), String Rippers x10, Seated low back toe touches (SLBTT), Seated low back wide leg toe touches (SLBWLTT), Scorpion Stretches x6, Hug thyself x6, and Side straddle hops x25.

Q guided the PAX to the whiteboard, within 1 – 2 feet from Warm-a-Rama, with all of the written exercises/total time of completion. I provided my blue tooth boom box so the tunes were blazin’ my favorite Pandora stations: Earth, Wind, & Fire!

The Thang: Smartwod Timer: TABATA: 17 ROUNDS, 45 seconds WORK, 12 seconds REST, 2 Rounds EXERCISES – Merkins, Squats, LBC’s, Burpees, Alt. Shoulder Taps, Copperhead Squats, WWI’s, Mtn. Climbers, Werkins, Glute Bridge March, LSF’s, Peter Parkers, Carolina Dry Docks, Jump Squats, WWII’s, Mike  Tyson’s, Body Destroyers (yes they are in the workout).

Completed 32 mins & 24 seconds of W-O-R-K

Mary: American Hammers x25 IC  

COT: Announcements/Prayer lead by FloJo 

We came, We worked, We conquered! All got better! Thanks for the opportunity to lead!