• Tuesday, October 5, 2021
  • 0530-0615
  • 36.08925, -79.833179
  • 65° F, 98% RH

Pax (18 with the Q)

City Slicker (Respect!) 3-Card Monte, Drifta, Scratch (Respect!), 50cc (Respect!), TJ Hookers, Poehler, Phoenix (Respect!), ShortTrack (Respect!), Snookie (Double Respect!), Frosty, Stretch (Respect!), Gecko, Houlihan, Matlock (Respect!), Earhart



The Pax were greeted and welcomed to Natville’s finest subterranean AO, no FNG’s were present, the disclaimer was offered and YHC almost forgot the Mission of F3. T-claps to Akron for the reminder.

We began with a rolling Warm-A-Rama, a slow mosey to each corner of the parking deck with stops along the way for:

SSH x 20 IC

Sun Gods x 15 IC

Sun Gods Reverse x 15 IC

Abe Vigoda x 15 IC


The pax gathered their weights and we then moved across the street to the old Macaroni Grill parking lot, for a little fresh air while we did……..


The Pax circled up with their weights in hand.  Today was a re-print of a previous beat-down using a deck of cards as follows:

The first person in the circle pulls a card. The pax perform that exercise as a group.  The card puller counts the reps.  The next person pulls a card.  Perform that exercise.  And so on.

Reps were determined as follows:

Numbered cards = face value + 10

Face cards = 20

Aces = 25


The suits each represented one of two exercises, one each for odd and even numbers.

Hearts (Cardio)

Odd 25 SSH in cadence

Even Run around the parking lot islands. Push it to get that heart rate up!



Odd Curls

Even Merkins



Odd Squat

Even Kettlebell Swings



Odd Overhead Press

Even Lateral Raises


We got about halfway through the deck before calling Omaha at 0607 and moseying back to the shovel flag for….


  • Low slow flutter x 20 C
  • American Hammer x 15 IC



  • Tuesday AM coffeeteria is at Caribou Coffee in Friendly Center following the workout.
  • Run for Joy 5k October 16th.  Consider supporting this cause.  A co-worker of Huggies’ lost their adult daughter to suicide in June of 2020 and this is in her memory.
  • YHC is grateful to Houlihan for mentioning my upcoming marathon, Oct 23 Cannonball. I appreciate the shout-out Houlihan.
  • All attendees at this morning’s beatdown were awarded an F3 sticker “participation medal”.


  • YHC took us out.

The Moleskin

  • 50cc, Good work out there brother. Remember the F3 Credo: Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him. Just keep showing up. You’re an inspiration to the rest of us!
  • Annie Oakley, missing you in the gloom! Look forward to seeing you again soon. If you want some company for walking as you get back into it, just let me know. There is always someone willing to walk beside you.
  • Did anyone else find it odd that when a guy named 3-Card Monte pulled two cards, the first one was the Joker and the second was the Ace of Spades? Just a coincidence? I’ll let you decide.

Radiator – out!