Date: 10/02/2021

AO:  Wakanda

Hey, this workout was off-the-cuff, a few of my favorite things within a workout, but with some FloJo flare!! A little work, a little run, a little work, little fun, and “Boom,” a beatdown ending the week with a smile! I welcomed everyone, proclaimed the F3 Mission, and causally continued to think about the completion of the workout in my head while heading to the parking lot at the other end of the Dudley high school for Warm-a-Rama!

Warm-a-Rama:  Side Straddle Toe Touches x12, Windmills x12 (hold count of 3 each leg), String Rippers x12, Merkins x10, Calf stretches (heel touch ground while in plank position) x6, Peter Parker stretches (hold for 6 counts each leg) x6, Scorpion Stretches 6x (hold for 6 counts 3x each side), Merkins x10, Inch Worm to standing position, Side Straddle Hops x25. Then mosey to the track with Karaoke between speed bumps on the street on each side, regular mosey at last street light.

All rounds included various reps of Merkins, Squats, LBC’s, and Burpees/Mike Tyson’s (take your pick – I’m fair). 

Thang #1:  Q asked one of the PAX members his favorite color, Backdraft indicated “RED”; still structuring the workout. Q instructed the PAX members to also remember the exercises or look on the dry eraser board as the exercises were all color-coded: Merkins – BLUE, Squats – RED, LBC’s – GREEN, and Mike Tyson’s/Burpees – BLACK (which also means Yellow – as I am an APP STATE MOUNTAINEER) – still structuring the workout. Q directed PAX to OYO complete: Merkins x25, Squats x60, LBC’s x30, Burpees/Mike Tyson’s x15 as written on the dry eraser board. Before PAX completed all exercises Q learned of the 1st PAX member to reach LBC’s OYO – Cheddar – Q asked him “Do you prefer Sprint or Mosey?” Again structuring the workout. Right before PAX completed Thang #1 Cheddar blurted out “Sprint”. On to my next favorite thing! By the way, the four exercises are my favorite things if you haven’t caught on yet!

Thang #2: Q had the PAX count off 1 through 4, then separate accordingly; all one’s, two’s, three’s, four’s together. Next, the perfectly separated four teams of four, #2GodBDGlory, were divided across the 100-meter curve 2’s & 4’s on one side while 1’s & 3’s on the other side. Each PAX member will AMRAP, you guessed it, Merkins, Squats, LBC’s, Burpees/Mike Tyson’s until relieved by their teammate then SPRINT the 100-meter curve to the other side tagging another teammate until all four have completed all exercises and run 100 meters; it works out to where each teammate does one round of exercises sprinting at least four times.  Oh, 400 meters done!

Thang #3: Q instructed all PAX members to walk the same 100-meter curve meeting at the beginning of the entrance of the entire track. Q directed PAX to complete, you guess it Merkins x25, “On my down!”. After completion Q lead a mosey 100 meters stopping to compete, Squats x25, Q lead a mosey 100 meters stopping to complete, LBC’s x20 IC lead by Don’t Cha Know, then mosey 100 meters stopping to complete a choice of Burpees/Mike Tyson’s x10 then walk back to the dry eraser board. Another 400 meters were done and 800 meters total. Another one of my favorite things in the bag! My event running track was the 800 meters, personal best of 1 minute 51 seconds.

Thang #4:  – Q guided PAX members back in front of the dry eraser board, grabbing the UNO cards. Q explained the four exercises will be determined by the color-coded UNO cards; BLUE, RED, GREEN, BLACK (which also means Yellow – as I am an APP STATE MOUNTAINEER). For those not paying attention: Merkins, Squats, LBC’s, Burpees/Mike Tyson’s. The colored cards with numbers pulled from the deck will determine the number of reps for each exercise. Skip cards mean PAX will not do the next pulled color card, the reverse cards mean to do the last exercise plus the rep, + 2 cards mean multiple by two the colored card/exercise, wild cards mean to pick a color but Backdraft picked “RED” so Squats will be the exercise, and +4 cards/wild mean multiple by four do the picked RED color = Squats x4. After every man completed pulling from the deck, Q threw in the dice to determine the reps and the cards determined the exercises. You have to love a color system, right!  UNO is another favorite thing of mine.

After WoJo called out how many minutes till the supposed end of the beatdown – which means PAX is getting tired now, we completed one more card pull/dice roll then Q called an “OMAHA” back to the shovel flag. 

MARY: Body destroyers, Q counted “20 Natvilles”, American Hammer x1 IC.

Name-O-Rama: Root, FNG Stephen Rich, Don’t Cha Know (RESPECT), Bruce Lee, Gekko, Cheddar, John Coctostan, Nomex, Ravenclothe, Backdraft, HBO, Wojo (RESPECT), Go Blue, Ecoli, McGuyver, honorable mention 1 Rucker: Tommy Boy, and FloJo on the Q!   

COT: Name FNG“Hakuna Matata”/Announcements/Prayer led by FloJo

We came, we worked, we conquered! All got better!! I appreciate the opportunity to lead.