October 4, 2021

16 PAX: Bones, Untouchable, Red Dragon, Doctor Quin (DQ), Jitterbug (Double Respect!), Canary, Weeds (Respect), TPS, Chapetto, Stick Shift, Amicus, Airball, Aqua Man (Double Respect!), Drizzle (Respect!), Winnie the Poo and YHC Hall Pass.

What a GREAT morning to celebrate the life of the late and great Janis Joplin who tragically lost her life to drug addiction on this day October 4, 1970. To be fair, YHC couldn’t find much more interesting history that occurred on this date in the past. I guess we could have done a Sputnik inspired workout..


  • Side Straddle Hops 20 IC
  • Abe Vigoda 10 SLOW IC
  • String Rippers 10 IC
  • Mosey around the lot to check out the stations(3)


This mornings workout was a 3 station circuit. We stayed together as a group (groups of 5 or so) with all PAX members helping with the rep counts. We moseyed between the stations where one station would relieve the next.

STATION 1 ‘Me & Bobby McGee’

    • Merkin Jacks 5 IC
    • Burpees 5 OYO
    • Monkey Humpers 5 IC

STATION 2 ‘Piece of my Heart’

  • Copperhead Squats + Hillbillies 5 IC
  • Big Boy Sit-ups 5 IC
  • Flying Seagulls + Pushouts. AKA Flying Squirrels

STATION 3 ‘Cry Baby’

    • Shoulder Taps
    • 6 inches as often as the person calling cadence wants too.

      Omaha was called with a about 10 minuets to spare. PAX did some active recovery with Toy Soldiers,  and some *Hooker Struts..

*Hooker Struts (Not an approved f3 exercise) = Shoulder Presses while walking around on your toes.


Low Slow Flutter 20 IC – HP
Some fun side Dip/plank thing 10 IC each side – Bones
Box Cutters 10 IC – Jitter Bug
Knee Touches, not Heel Touches 10 IC – Stick Shift
American Yammers, I mean Hammers – 20 IC – HP


  1. F3 Greensboro 7 year Anniversary week is Oct 11 – 16. Each day of that work there will be a converge workout with a Redwood on the Q at the original AO for that day.
  2. Shovel Flag Handoff at Fenceline this Tuesday, 10/5/21.
  3. TURKEY BOWL November 20th 0700 @ Cougar Town. Shirts Printed. A DJ, and lots of fun little things.


  • HP forgot the order of things. Shows its been a while.
  • Red Dragon approves of the Hooker Struts


Thanks for having me Canary! Until next time.

Hall Pass