YHC has early morning available as the 2.0 didn’t need to be to the ball field until 8:30. Therefore it was perfect timing for a 0600 workout. I enjoy N Ruckus, but some ole IV would be nice too. Ahh, memories…

Date: 10/2/2021

Pax: Bodett, Phoenix


And we are rucking…

Pax started out towards Pisgah Church road. A  pit stop was taken at the Lewis Rec Center patio for 2 minutes for step ups. Once the timer finally sounded we departed with laser blaster ready.
The route along the greenway was taken. Luckily the lasers came in handy to fight off the invisible attackers that had littered the route with their traps. Not deterred by warning the brave pax continued. We traversed by the graveyard and observed that it is a good thing zombies don’t have brains; otherwise they would have found that hole at the bottom of the chain link fence. We couldn’t help but wonder if any of those gruesome dudes were on the adjacent battlefield with Cornwallis and Greene.
We turned back towards the friendly confines of the Gate City’s premiere park-funny, never realized the hill there since we always go the other direction.
Back in the safety of the park we continued clockwise around the lake. We didn’t know that the third turtle was acting as a distraction for the vengeful deer. I was fortunate to get a glance of the red reflective eyes just before she attacked and was able to get Phoenix out of the way of what certainly would have resulted in a trip to the emergency room and ICU. It just turns out that he had re-programmed a computer for me on Friday so I guess we are even.
After this startling event, we took cover across the earthen dam, scaled the hill and found a road to lead us away from the dangers we had encountered. A friendly biker had already tripped the traps that had been set so Phoenix and YHC figured we were in the clear.
A quick trip up Wicked’s folly was taken to stretch out our hammys with large strides. Somewhere Matlock smiled but not because Etch-A-Sketch got yet another badge.
Back at the parking lot name-a-Rama was completed and we greeted the warriors of Cornwallis Nightmare. Mum was the word on the battles we took to leave this AO safe for them.
What a great start to the day!