Sept 25


Spoke with Hall Pass about picking up the Q.   He was still up in Maine and he did not have anyone sign up to Q.  I was a bit late to the announcement and I knew a lot of guys were out of town, so I was not sure how many guys would show up.


Saturday am came.  I woke up and got to CTOWN at 5:45 to ruck a bit before the workout. It was posted, but was not sure who would show up.   After rucking for 40 min, WEED rolled into the parking lot.  I think it might have been his first time at CTOWN – HE MAY NOT HAVE KNOWN ABOUT RED ANT HILL.


We waited to see if anyone else would come in, no one else did.


Weed and I walked over to the HILL.   The GRASS HILL behind the Softball fields.

Warmed Up and I then explained the Thang for the Day.


Thang 1

The 1000 – Partner Up – Start at the top of the Hill – Partner goes down and Up to release.

100 of each exercise – Then move to the Next one – If Finish – Rinse and Repeat

  1. Side Straddle Hops
  2. LBC
  3. Merkins
  4. Squats
  5. Low Slow Flutter – IC
  6. Burpees – YEP 100, but total of each partner
  7. Flock of Seagulls
  8. Gas Pumps
  9. Mike Tysons – YEP 100, but total of each partner
  10. WW2 Sit Ups

Finished up the rounds – Did ABS and Stretching at the top of the hill.

Walked back to the Flag.


It was awesome to hang out with Weed.   It was a crushing workout, but we battled through it.

It was hard, but with someone pushing you to keep going, it helps and gets you through.


Weed, thanks for showing up.  Sorry, but not really sorry for the workout – we were there to try to get the hardest part of the day out of the way.


Keep Crushing Life.