Sad Clown Killer


PAX: ESL, Kaizen, Xerox, JZ, TJ Hooker, So So, Snooki, Stick Shift, CottonTail, BullDog, Black Swan

Weather Conditions B-E-A-Uitful Day!

0530 F3 Mission Statement and disclaimer is provided


0532 Play “Jump Around”

-Reverse lunges in place.

-Jump when you hear “jump”… SSH when repeated “jump”

Warm-a-Rama cont.

  • Dirkins
  • Dips
  • Urkins
  • Reverse Step Ups

The Thang – Go to School

  • 20 Angle Grinders IC
  • Sprint backwards
  • 20 Freddie Mercury IC
  • Sprint forwards
  • 20 Hip Dips in Cadence – CottonTail demonstrated proper form.
  • Karaoke to next station
  • 15 Gas Pumps IC… Everyone wanted to go to 20
  • Mosey
  • 20 Imperial Walkers IC
  • Karaoke way too short of a distance to Karaoke
  • 10 Box Cutters IC
  • Mosey
  • 10 Step ups each leg at picnic tables
  • High Knees to where the start of the Thang w/ Angle Grinders

Omaha to Flag

  • 1 American Hammer



  • Trash Panda invitational coming up at Nordic Tract 0700 10-___

YHC prayed it out.

  • About a year ago to the day, I dislocated my right foot a hard 90 degrees to the left. I was told I might not be able to run on it again. I’m so thankful to be running on it. Things hurt. You’ve all heard me complain about something… but one of my biggest takeaways from a knees over toes guy podcast I was listening to was “If you have your legs and things generally work/function, be grateful that you F&*%ing have legs.” Some people can’t get out in the gloom like us. A lot of people are struggling. Remember them in your prayers.
  • Thank you for letting me lead.

-Black Swan