October 1, 2021

9 PAX: Don’t Cha Know, Canary, Silicon, GoKu, DQ, Ricola, Amicus, Hall Pass, Sacked – QIC

On a perfect temp morning for a beatdown 9 PAX including YHC took our DRP at the Fringe. With everyone gathered and ready we got started right on time. After reviewing F3 Greensboro’s start date (more like a quiz) and the 5 core principles we headed out to the track for Warm-a-rama.


  • Imperial Walkers x 10ic
    • Mosey to end of track
  • Peter Parkers x 10ic
    • Mosey to middle of far side track
  • Windmills x 10ic
    • Mosey to other end of track
  • Hillbillies x 10ic
    • Mosey back to Station 1 starting point on track



This mornings workout was a 4 station circuit. We stayed together as a group with all PAX members helping with the rep counts. We moseyed between the stations when reps were completed.

  • STATION 1 – Weights or Sandbags were used for each exercise at Station 1. This Station was rinse and repeat 3 times.
    • Goblet Squats x 15
    • Curls x 15 each arm
    • Tricep Kickbacks x 15 each arm
    • Bent Rows x 15
    • 20 Squats
    • 20 LBC’S IC
    • 20 Monkey Humpers IC
    • 20 LSF IC
    • 20 Dips Single Count
    • 20 Dying Cockroach IC
    • 20 Derkins Single Count
    • 20 Low Dolly IC
    • 20 Lunges Ea. Leg
    • 20 Cindy Crawford’s IC
    • 20 Lt Dan’s
    • 20 Heel Touches IC

With time closing out on us we finished the circuit just in time and moseyed back around the track to Station 1 and then circled up at the ShovelFlag for Mary


  • Box Cutters x 10ic
  • Freddie Mercury’s x 15ic
  • American Hammer x 20ic


  1. F3 Greensboro 7 year Anniversary week is Oct 11 – 16. Each day of that work there will be a converge workout with a Redwood on the Q at the original AO for that day.
  2. Hall Pass on the Q at Circle Time this coming Monday
  3. Don’t Cha Know – Service Project – Keep an eye out for an upcoming date to help World Relief with a local warehouse move.


  • TClaps Canary – completed the beatdown with Ruck on the whole time, Beast!
  • GoKu at 8 years old getting up and posting to 5;30 a.m. workouts.
  • Great having Hall Pass back in town and in the gloom. Appreciate Patch bringing him back home 🙂
  • Great group this morning. Enjoyed staying together for the workout. That way we don’t miss any of the mumble chatter.


As always an honor to serve.