PAX:  Norwood, Bobby Knight, Dabo, Graffiti, Xerox, Red Dragon, Maneater, Chriswah, Centerfold, Drizzle, Mallcop, Wojo, Slumlord, Airball, Jingles, Untouchable, Jitterbug -Q

Great morning to work!  Planned a modified version of the Iron Pax we did at GSO Day at week 0, but was advised by the great and powerful X-man that this is a running workout!  And I would probably be doing the 1200 exercises by myself!  Doh!  Ok, so I cut it a little more than 50%.  😀

So, Warm-O was an intr to all the exercises, but only 10 or so each.  They are/were:

Merkins, Lunges, Dips, Squats, Carolina Dry Docks Elbow to Knees

The Thang

Running a figure 8.  Starts at the track gate area where one doews 20 Merkins, and then runs 220 meters to the other side of the field and does 20 Merkins, back to the gate to do 20 Lunges, then run N in the parking lot toward Jesse Wharton, exit to Lawndale sidewalk, head south,stop aprox across from the track gate and do another 20 Lunges, enter the lower gate back around the parking lot to the track gate, and do 20 of the next exercise.

This pattern continues until all the exercises are done and aprox 2.5 miles is completed.  I think me and the guys who did the exercises got in 2.8 +, whereas the runners only got in 4.5+.  Rumor has it that Mallcop got in 4.5 and the exercises!  Boom!

Good times, great turn out an effort men!  SYITG!  Honored to lead.

COT: Wojo took us out!  Also, Bobby Knight shared that his mom is cancer free after many years of dealing with it.  God be praised!