Cadet Lab

PAX: Pitino, Nails, Lazarus, Situation, EPA, Weed, Magnus, JR, Snooki, Kaisan, Daughtry, Cottontail, Spurrier, Misfire(QIC)

Trying to plan the workout to avoid the rain, it was great to see that we avoided it until the very end.

Typical WAR with a little Mosey around the parking lot with SSH, Sun Gods, Stretching


Partner up and Partner 1 did an exercise at Shovel Flag while Partner 2 ran to covered picnic area to complete exercise, run back, and switch

At Shovel Flag                                 At Covered Picnic Area

Plank                                                Step Ups 10 each leg

Side Straddle Hop                         LBC 20IC

Mtn Climbers                                 Dips 20

Hold 6 Inches                                 Calf Raises 20

Plank                                                Lt Dan Step Ups 10

SSH                                                   Merkins 25

Mtn Climbers                                  Pullups 10

Hold 6 Inches                                  Copperhead Squats 10 IC

Plank                                                 Monkey Humpers 10IC

SSH                                                   Derkins 20

Mtn Climbers                                  Gas Pumps 20IC

Hold 6 Inches                                  Calf Raises 20


YHC took us out in prayer

It’s always an honor to lead

Aye, Misfire