Date: 9/25/2021

AO:  Wakanda

Hey what can I say, stories are my thing. And today I told a good one. Just catch me in the gloom and we’ll mumble chatter. Back 2 the business at hand. The idea around the workout was “togetherness”. It was September 25th, so the highest rep would be 25. I welcomed everyone, stated the F3 Mission and got down to business!

Warm-a-Rama:  Did mosey to the parking lot across Lincoln Elementary. Side-straddle toe-touches x15, Sun-Gods x 15 frontward and backward, Windmills x10 (hold count of 3 each leg), String Rippers x10, Seated low back toe touches (SLBTT), Seated low back wide leg toe touches (SLBWLTT), Scorpion Stretches x6, Hug thyself x6, and Side straddle hops x25. Then mosey to the track doing a few karaoke’s both ways then regular mosey till getting to the bottom of the stairs.

The Thang: PAX are to stay together completing four total laps. There are four stations around the track. PAX are to stop at each of the four stations and complete an exercise; 1st lap work all of the 1st exercises in the four stations. 2nd lap work all of the 2nd exercises in the four stations. 3rd lap work all of the 3rd exercises in the four stations. 4th lap complete all of the 4th exercises in the four stations. The 1st station is located on the 50 meter mark of the 1st one hundred meters, the 2nd station is 100 meters from the 1st, the 3rd station is 100 meters from the 2nd, and the 4th station is 100 meters from the 3rd. PAX transitioned to each station either by mosey, backward jog, or whatever the Q desired.

Station #1  – Merkins x25, Squats x20, LBC’s x15, Burpee’s x10

Station #2 – Carolina Dry Docks x20, Jump Squats x15, WWII’s x25, Mike Tyson’s x10

Station #3 – Werkins x15, Glute Bridge March x25, LSF’s x25, Peter Parkers x10,

Station #4 – Alt. Shoulder Taps x10, Copperhead Squats x15, WWI’s x20, Mtn. Climbers x25

MARY: Q requested best Mary exercise from the PAX; 7 total ending with American Hammers x25

Name-O-Rama: Birds Nest, Don’t Cha Know (RESPECT), John Coctostan, Serena, 3 RUCKERs: FNG Dave Wilder  now “Temple”, Tommy Boy, A-Rod (RESPECT), Luke Cage, City Slicker (RESPECT), Humphrey Bogart (left earlier for 2.0’s CC meet – not on video), and FloJo on the “Q”!

COT: Announcements/Praises of healing/Prayer led by City Slicker

We came, we worked, we conquered! All got better!! It was my pleasure to lead! I appreciate the opportunity to lead.