Early the first official day of fall 4 brave members of the pax got together. We decided to do a Q share. Because there were only 4 of us we used weights and body weight to perform the beat down.

As I said the mission of F 3 we are got together with weights from 10 lbs to 30 lbs. We started with shoulder exercises. Because this was an impromptu Q we did shoulders, Abs, merkins and then came Mary.

No weinke and prior to his using plays written down the Golden Boy, Paul Horning used a play list. I digress.

For Mary more core and then because we love the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA we ended with a few American Hammers.

Thank you for allowing me to be site Q. With me this AM were SoCrat, Viagra, and Black knight. Thank you and like one of my favorite movies states get busy living or get busy dying.