Tuesday, September 21, 2021 it was raining all day so YHC was a little concerned there may be a call of Omaha out of the Pax. Windmill was on the Q. There is a reason I consider HIM to be one of the top Q’s in Natville.

Always prepared.

Consistent workouts, designed to end mumble chatter quickly.

Innovator, he has given us the STERKIN and the SQUAT BILLY.

We meet at Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballinger Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410. It has plenty of space, including a greenway and fields. Plus, we have benches for the popular 2nd F.

5:45 PM Tuesdays, check us out.

Pax: Damage Control, Mr Hand, Apollo, Kevin, Short Bus, Expired and Windmill on the Q.

Disclaimer was had, and off we went. Suggestions of moving under the bridge were quickly ignored- “we are going to get wet anyway.”


  • Sun God (20)
  • String Ripper (20)
  • Hillbilly (20)
  • Windmill (15)
  • Imperial Walker (15)

Fun Fact- No Hillbillies in Netherlands, they shipped them all to us.

Run Greenway to school, Crunchy Frog break (15)

Thang: 5-Tree Stroll (location changed to covered walkway at school), done two times

  1. Squat – 50

Frankensteins to next

  1. LBC – 40 (single)

High Knees to next

  1. Airclap squat – 30

Lunge Walk to next

  1. WW1 Situp – 20

Apollo Ono to next

  1. Bobby Hurley – 10

Fun Fact- The Dutch came from Barbarians, and slapped the Romans silly.

Run loop around building, stop for 60 second wall sit

Run Greenway back, Crunchy Frog break (15)


High Dolly – 15

American Hammer – 20

Fine 2F. Great Q as usual Windmill, thanks for leading.