Monday September 20, 2021

What to call this work out? Utters said,” first time working out to a Sinatra song”!  As we were leaving I think Jay Z said,” Skipping with Snooki”! Got it and a great NAME.

Ok, we met this am, nice dark morning. After doing the doing some warm up Sun God’s and Neck pulls we ended up at the turn down the hill to the library.

Here is how it went; count off 1/2 which was successful. 1 did the following for approximately 55 seconds, Merkins, dry docks, prom night, Lt Dan’s, Mike Tyson’s, diamond merkins and Isometric curls.

2 did squat, merkins, LBC’s,Flutter kicks and V Ups. Then 1 s became 2 s and 2 s became 1 s. Enough of that!

Then we did lunges to the second light pole and per the pax choice, skipped, broad jumped or high knees back.

After a quick mosey to the flag, we did homer/Marge, big boy sit ups and finished up with American hammer.

Thank you and always a pleasure to Q. Pax Sir Charles, Nails, Black Knight, Bulldog, Jay Z, oil Slick, utters and Snooki as Q.