PAX: Black Knight, Snooki, ESL, JZ, Bulldog (QIC)
Warmarama: SSH, with coupon in hand we talked into the country park loop, went down some distance, continued with cotton pickers, picked up coupon and walked back. Coupon above head, coupon held in curl position, etc were called from time to time. Back at shovel flag; got the heart and muscles warmed up while catching up with pax.

THANG: the pattern is an exercise called out by Q, followed with coupon carry overhead back and forth. We did total of 60 thrusters (coupon overhead, then bring coupon down to goblet squat position), 80 curls, 60 kettle bells swings. 6:13 time for

Mary: big boy situps, and american hammers.

Great work guys! My arms are numb from the 35lb cinderblock.
Great reminder by Snooki to talk with each other in person rather than duking out on social media. We don’t expect to agree all the time, we can still talk.
Snooki reminiscing on EH’ing his neighbor who moved away (but NOT because of his EH, according to Snooki).
Great to see Black Knight again, miss seeing him at Quaker Crater, since the running is hurting his knee.