AO – Wakanda

Q – Bobby Knight

PAX – Akron, Poehler, John Coctostan, Steel Drum, Serena, Gang Green, HBO, Humphrey Bogart, Shrinkage, YHC

Mission was stated and core principles were recited. And then we moseyed.


Once around the track, then SSH, Hillbillies, Sun gods, Dips on the stairs, Abe Vigoda, String Rippers, Mountain Climbers, 6″ Plank Jacks


There were four stations located around the circle just outside the football stadium gate. We split into two groups of 5 and turned on the tunes.

Station 1: Mike Tysons x 15

  • Dragon Crawl to next station

Station 2: Alternating Hip Dips x 20IC

  • Bear Crawl to next station

Station 3: Prisoner Get-ups x 15

  • Lunge Walk to next station

Station 4: Hand-Release Merkins x 20

  • High Knees to first station

Rinse and Repeat

Following two complete cycles, YHC took a moment to speak about how the significance of the circles. Over time and through our lives, we evolve from crawling on our bellies, to crawling on our hands, to learning out to walk, to running high. And yet, at the time when we should be learning to fly there are often times when we find ourselves right back down on our bellies, whether because of our own actions or those of some outside force (person, thing, circumstance). Sometimes things get easier and some things get harder, but the fact remains that too often we repeat the cycle over and over and over again. If we want to fly, if we want to rise above our circumstances, if we want to help those around us rise up, we have to do the hard thing and break the cycle.

Today we did that in the form of Broad Jump Burpees away from the circle and back to the shovel flag. Once all returned to the flag, we engaged in the Dirty Dozen (one Merkin and one air press, two Merkins and two air presses, and so on up to twelve).


Thoroughly gassed, we stretched our arms and worked on our core.

Freddy Mercury

Dying Cockroaches


Australian Snow Angels

American Hammers


YHC shared some words and took us out.