Nordic Trak convergence with Cougartown

Sept 11 – 2021 – 6:45 AM

Weather – Amazing

Pax – TPS, Wicked, Utters, Hall Pass, JR, Stick Shift, Nails, ByRider, Jiggawatt, FootFairy, Air Ball, Misfire, Black Swan, Spurrier, Fireball

Q – Red Dragon



Climb the equivalent of 110 flights of stairs in the NW HS Stadium to honor First Responders and all brave men and women that paid the ultimate price 20 years ago.


TPS was there early and got started on his stairs.  Jiggawatt was there also completing his Iron Pax.  Wicked and I showed up to start some also.   At 6:40 we headed up to the parking lot to gather the crew.   We all headed down to the stadium together.  Some wore a ruck pack, some did not.   All got after it with the right mind set, not to remember the situation that happened 20 years ago.


Utters took us out.



Thank you to the PAX who showed up to honor this day.

This was a major part of our history and one that we should never forget.

Thank you to all those who did lose their lives because of Sept 11, 2001.