Blue Plate Special September 14th, 2021 16 Pax showed up for a Flo led Q.

We meet at 6324 Ballinger Rd, 27410. Leonard Rec Center. It’s a good AO, everyone is ready to put the work day behind them and have some exercise.

Pax: Rabbit, Apollo, Stryker, Slummy, Windmill, Kevin, Odessa, Damage Control, Schnitzel, Short Bus, Swank, Raptor, Udders, Kahn, Plissken, Expired, and Flo on the Q.

We started At WGMS, another fine AO, cept the Principal was not too fond of us….

And, having a dozen or so men enjoying a cold beverage at a middle school is uh, not the best look.

Leonard works well; we have permission, and due to the bridge over Ballinger being out, we have the place to ourselves. *Must access thru Chimney Rd

5:45 PM is a good time too.

YHC put Flo on the spot, he accepted. It was his second time at the Plate, he made us proud.

Male Leadership? Impressed seeing Flo’s 2.0’s looking at his Dad leading 16 men thru various exercises. Demonstrating, showing, not telling. It was a thing of beauty.

Have heard many positive commnets from the Pax on the w/o. It kept everyone together. All paces were accomadated. Fat paced and Up tempo! Even Slummy liked it, and Schnitzel almost gave 100%. Well done.


Thanks for leading Flo! Windmill on next week.