Sad Clown Killer

PAX- Hoosier, Stickshift, Slumlord, Jiggawatt, Misfire, So So, Airball, TPS, Black Swan, Red Dragon, Snookie, Cottontail


Moseyed to school side parking lot for Warmarama:

  • Side straddle hops- 20 IC
  • Mountain climbers- 20 IC
  • Seal jacks- 20 IC
  • Peter Parkers- 20 IC
  • stretch arms and legs in various ways

The Thang consisted of two areas:

Side parking lot:

  • Indian Run 4 laps around the two playgrounds- 2 slow, 2 fast
  • Indian Bear crawl- holding plank while PAX from back bear crawls to front- each PAX went once

Mosey to school front parking lot for part 2: The Bunny Trail.  Arranged in a loop:

  • 25 yard broad jump burpee
  • 25 yard duck walk
  • 25 yard run
  • 25 yard Obamas (4 bear crawl step, 4 merkins)
  • 25 yard bunny hop
  • 25 yard run

PAX completed 2-2.5 loops before time was called and we moseyed back to side parking lot for:

  • Walk like an Egyptian (hold lunge with bonus trunk twist while PAX in back runs to front)- each PAX went once
  • Bataan Death March with 5, yes 5, burpees- each PAX went once but this took three laps

Mosey back to shovel flag for Mary:

  • LBC- 20 IC
  • Low slow flutter- 20 IC
  • Hip dips- 20 IC (Misfire’s favorite)
  • American Hammers- 1 IC

Slummy took us out.