• Tuesday 9/14/2021
  • 0531-0615
  • 67 F


Stryker, City Slicker, Sacked, AKRON!, Paula Deen, Root, Oilslick, 50CC, Ricardo, Mr. Incredible, Graffiti, Bruce Lee, Nomex, Hazmat, Boy Wonder, Flo Jo, Big Sky, Saban, Major Payne, Hoolihan, Strange Brute, Golden Corral, Huggies, (EC) Pacer, VQ Snakes on a Plane


We started with a few brief words and the Mission of F3 – to plant, grow and serve small work out groups for the invigoration of male community leadership!  Warm a rama exercises consisted of: Side Straddle Hops, String Rippers and Abe Vigodas.


The Thang

We left the parking lot and headed around the block towards a ominously tall parking deck and proceeded to run up the stairs all the way to the top.  Planked until the 6 was in and then started with a set of “7’s”.  Mike Tysons, Bear Crawl across the parking deck and then finish with Squats on the other side, mosey back and complete the rest of the set of 7’s.

I split the Pax into teams of 3 (and would just have them count off in the future to maximize engagement with the formation of teams) and moved on to a 3 man grinder running up and down one level of the parking deck to get to the next station.  The exercises were Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Squat Walkers, Al Gore (Tree Huggers), WWII’s, LBC’s, Squats, Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks (mumble chatter about proper form for CDD’s), Plank Jacks, Monkey Humpers and Low Slow Flutter.

At 0605 I called Omaha and we ran to the bottom of the parking deck.  I lost track of 2 pax and spent a few minutes deliberating at the bottom but not making any decisions.  Eventually someone spotted them back at the shovel flag from one level up in the parking deck.



Box Cutters, Low Slow Flutter, American Hammer.



Big Sky encouraged us all to call our parents and tell them we are grateful for them.

Thanks for the chance to lead, learn and grow!