Son of a Bench 9/10 /2021

pax- Stickshift(YHC) , Pitino, Cottontail, All Blacks, Bobby Knight, Bulldog, Bartman, Esl, and Hoosier

Beautiful morning, per usually I stumbled through the disclaimer…..

We started with a walk stretch towards the school…

golf ball pickups, and arm stretches

first set of benches for a dippy warmarama

Ssh 15 ic – 20 dips

Monkey Humpers 10ic – 20 dips

string rippers – 10ic – 20 dips

windmill 10ic – 20 dips

hug thyself- 20 dips

we then moseyed to back of school for the thang

Thang- all pax stayed together after each exercise plank for the six and start all exercises together

5 pull-ups

10 merkins

20 hip dips

5 pull ups

10 merkins

20 pickle pushers

mosey around gravel track rinse and repeat 4 times


mosey back to flag

Heel touches 10ic

knee touches 10ic ( borrowed from Wicked)

American Hammer 20 ic

thank you for letting me lead!