When   9/13/21

QIC        Snowflake

The Pax: Short Squeeze, Sir Charles (R), Jay-Z (R), Bull Dog, High Stick, Ozone, Udders, Don’t Cha Know (R), CJ, Houlihan, Oil Slick, Sacked (R), Bobby Knight


14 PAX (no splinters, but two EC runners) joined YHC in the Gloom on a beautiful September morning. Disclaimers and the F3 Mission Statement were pronounced and we were off.  This is what followed:

Warm a rama

SSH – 15IC
Windmills – 12IC
String rippers – 12IC
Sun Gods – 10IC each way

Mosey to the parking lot behind the school.


10 stations in a column – PAX started on Station of choice, but all 10 Stations had to have at least one PAX. Houlihan was volun-told to be the pitch runner – did a lap around the parking lot. When the runner reaches Station 1, all PAX move to the next station and the PAX at Station 10 runs to Station 1.  One exercise each station, AMRAP until runner completes the lap.  Completed two cycles through the exercises.


  1. Mtn Climber Merkins
  2. Burpees
  3. Peter Parkers
  4. Box Cutters
  5. Merkins – PAX choice
    1. Regular
    2. Wide
    3. Ranger
    4. Diamond
  6. Copper Head Squats
  7. Plank Jacks
  8. WWII Situps
  9. Carolina Dry Docks
  10. Side Lunges

Begin Traveling Mary

LSF Crunches – 15IC, #Crowdpleaser
Dying Cockroaches – 15IC
Mosey back to the flag.


Low Dollies – 15IC
Cindy Crawfords – 10 each side (Sacked special)
Homer Marge – 10
American Hammers – 15IC



  1. Houlihan promoted Earhart’s Birthday week of Q’s. Proposed mass attendance at Uptown Funk Friday
  2. Udders – Bible Study Fellowships (“BSF”) starts tonight at 6:40-8:15p, Muirs Chapel UMC and will continue on Monday nights. This year’s study is on the Book of Matthew. There is a children’s program if you’d like to bring your kids.


  1. Udders is very good at counting backwards from 10 in Spanish
  2. Thanks to Sacked for his continued support of YHC and all of F3Greensboro
  3. Great to workout with Jay-Z and Oil Slick – way to get after it.
  4. High Stick killed it today and reminded this Respecter what 14 used to be like.
  5. Congrats to Don’t Cha Know on his short-term (one-day) retirement and new job. Excited for you.

YHC took us out. Thank you for the opportunity to lead.