When   9/8/21

QIC        Snowflake

The Pax: Amicus, Ricola, Steak Knives (Visitor from F3 Cape Fear), Cheddar, Silicone (R), Viagra (R), Birds Nest, Socrates, Earhart, Double Check (R), 50 CC’s (R), Houlihan, Oil Slick, Norwood, Huffy, Don’t Cha Know, Butt Fumble, Brett McCraw – FNG “Sandra”, and a couple of other PAX that did not make it back for the COT.


20 PAX ventured into the Gloom to partake of a variety of options – biking, running and bootcamp.  All left for their pain of choice at 5:30a, almost all of them returned.  Some of the bikers and runners may still be out there, but I lost not one of the bootcampers this time around. Disclaimers and the F3 Mission Statement were pronounced and we were off on a mosey to the middle parking lot.  This is what followed:

Warm a rama

Imperial Walkers – 15IC
Windmills – 12IC
String rippers – 12IC
Sun Gods – 10IC each way
Peter Parkers – 12IC

Mosey to the last segment of the parking lot. Divide into two groups.  Group 1 starts at station 1. Group 2 starts at station 3. Do one exercise at each station and then follow directions to get to the next station


 Station 1:

Burpees – 10, Lt Dans to Station 2
WW1 Situps – 25, Lunge Walk
Cindy Crawfords – 10 ea side, Lt Dans
LBC’s – 15IC, Lunge Walk
Low Dollies – 20IC, Lt Dans
High Dollies – 20IC Lunge Walk

 Station 2 (sprint to Station 3 after each exercise):

Peter Parkers – 25IC
Reverse LBC – 15IC
Plank Jacks – 25IC
Parker Peters – 25IC
Low Slow Flutters – 25IC
Box Cutters – 25IC

Station 3 (use curb or picnic tables as needed):

Incline Merkins – 20, Bear Crawl to Station 4
Dips – 20IC, Crab Walk
Calf Raises – 20, Bear Crawl
Carolina Dry Docks – 20, Crab Walk
Derkins – 20, Bear Crawl
Ranger Merkins – 20, Crab Walk

Station 4 (sprint t Station 1 after each exercise):

Donkey Kicks – 20
Copper Head Squats – 20IC
Side Lunges – 20 each side
WWII Situps – 25
Dying Cockroach – 20IC
Freddie Mercuries – 25IC

Mosey back to the flag.


Low Slow Flutter Crunches – 15IC
American Hammers – 15 IC



  1. Steak Knives promoted the F3 10-year anniversary event in Wilmington NC Oct. 8-10. Check this link for more info.  https://f310year.com/
  2. 9/11 Remembrance workout at Wakanda this Saturday. Cheddar on the Q.


  1. Bird’s Nest on the EH for Sandra who admitted he liked Rom Com’s and fully embraced his new F3 name.
  2. The group that had Steak Knives and the 22 year-old FNG kept catching up to Group 1 even with a station in between the groups. Not sure if they were just faster or if they had trouble with single count vs. IC.
  3. Note to self – watch out not only for cars, but F3 bikers who speed through our AO with abandon.
  4. Great to see Huffy in the Gloom. Retirement is serving him well.

YHC took us out. Thank you for the opportunity to lead.