AO Shake & Bake

Weather perfect for running

PAX 16!!
Airball, Mall Cop, Drizzle, Untouchable, Winnie the Pooh, Slag, Matlock, Wojo, Everest, Red Dragon, Ramses, Demo, Bobby Knight, TPS, Centerfold, Byrider (Q)

YHC arrived just early enough to place cones on track. Mission statement was recited FLAWLESSLY. Immediately following it was a monologue of sorts where Xerox’s lack of attendance may have been noted and Iron PAX may have been described as a routine where your form is overly critiqued and people complain on Twitter.


mosey, stretching, ssh

So after my last Q at S&B I received several official complaints about burpees so we didn’t include any.


Simple track run with one sprint marked out each lap around track!

The first couple laps the sprint was 30 yards

the cones moved a couple times extending the sprint distance. Max distance just shy of 100m

PAX travelled anywhere from 3-5 miles based on speediness

PAX completed one last “Best” lap before Mary


One exercise-Homer and Marge

Red Dragon led some stretching before COT


Untouchable VQ at Death Star tomorrow 9/8 football themed bring a ball!!!!

Football at Kernoodle was plugged

YHC took us out