Cadet Lab 9/7/21

PAX- Situation, JR, Weed, Kaizen, Snookie, Polo, Cottontail (QIC)


What does the title have to do with the workout?  Nothing.  But it’s still good to share.  PAX gathered at Oak Ridge Town Park to find the early set-up for this weekend’s Ridgefest already underway.  JR was noticeably shaken by the presence of the clown-covered “fun” house.

Began with a short mosey to the other side of the parking lot.


Lined up along one side

Run across, backwards run back, Imperial Walkers x15 IC

High knees across, skip back, Frankensteins x15 IC

Carioca left across, carioca right back, SSH x15 IC

Bear crawl across, crawl bear back, mountain climbers x15 IC


Mosey to secret stash of concrete blocks, select a block, mosey back to shovel flag


The Thang

5 exercises with blocks:

  • Blockees x10
  • Colt 45s
  • Goblet squats x20
  • Louganis x10
  • Derkins w/ feet on block x20

Complete all 5 exercises, run a lap around outside of football field (~0.25mi)

Rinse and repeat

Everyone finished 4-5 rounds


Returned blocks.  Only time for American Hammers x2 to close us out.


Snookie took us out.