Apollo was the inspiration for starting this site as he proved that p.m. work outs are a thing.

13 pax got better tonight including one that came back after missing quite a few weeks that you Odessa.

We meet at 6324 Ballinger Rd. otherwise known as Leonard recreation center, It’s a fine site, Check us out. Apollo is a pro so we knew we had something good happening- He did not disappoint.

Pax: damage control, Mr. hand, Sheldon, Windmill, Short Bus, Michelin man, Kevin, water boy, Odessa, expired,Slummy, turn it down to 60 and believe it or not FLO 12 pax  plus Apollo.

Mosey down the Greenway for an extended 1 mile warm A rama,

It’s a half mile to the end and a half mile but we did various exercises along the way I think end Mr. Apollo brought out his signature jack holes.

Yes he he owns Jack holes like windmill owns sterkins- There is a Lesson there for you aspiring Q s.

On the way back to the big field that was freshly mowed we did 10 sets PAX lead of Ten merkins/10 sit ups. Great work by all.

Back to the big field that was freshly mowed for the thing- For stations three exercises repeat MoveOn all in all a great workout I know Time Omaha was called and is back to the flag For the usual Mary with water boy taking us out on the hammers

Slummy take us out