August 31, 2021 nice temperature at the Blue Plate.  Uptempo Boot Camp, Tuesday’s at 5:45 PM.

We meet at Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballinger Rd, 27410.  *Bridge is out on Ballinger, must access thru Chimney Rock Rd.

YHC continues the yearly Iron Pax Challenge, Monday was week O- it was HOT and my FORM PROCTER Stryker was once again present and accounted for.  He mentioned he wanted to do something with cardio at the PLATE, after agreeing to substitute Q for Apollo.  he brought said vision to the Plate.

Pax: Windmill, Michelin Man, Kevin, Rabbit, Mr Hand, Damage Control, Short Bus, Gunny, Expired, Ponch and Muggsy, Mudflap and Stryker on the Q.

Disclaimer, then Mosey to the lower field loop and back to the flag for the various warm a rama, including the standard Stryker neck rolls.

To the Thang: split into two groups, group 1 runs to the end of greenway and back- about 150 yards total and group 2 performs sets of exercises until relieved.  A group 2 team grinder.

She 1- burps, merkins, plank jacks, dry docks

She 2- ww2 sit ups , dying cock roaches, bonnie Blairs, squats, man climbers

she 3- bobbie hurleys, squats, merkins, star jumps

Total of 6 sets performed, kept the cardio high with the running- uptempo.

Omaha called, off to the field where Stryker reminded everyone how Page legend Coach Marion Kirby loved hill runs. Set of 10 with 2 groups performed in rotation.

Back to the flag for quick Mary, Rabbit took us out.

Discussion was had about length of announcements, keep it concise men…

Apollo on the Q next week, come join us