Sad Clown Killer


PAX: Red Dragon, ESL, Kaizen, Flamingo, TJ Hooker, EggPlant, Hoosier, Weed, Stick Shift, Pity the Fool, Untouchable, CottonTail, BullDog, Black Swan

Weather Conditions Clear & < 70 degrees, as noted by Xerox in the after-Twitter banter, given the visual clue that Sticky’s guns are concealed.

0527 Baba O’Riley plays

0530 F3 Mission Statement and disclaimer is provided while doing some Arm-Circles, a bit of multi-tasking. YHC explained that in the F3 Exicon, Baba O’Riley is doing Imperial Walkers for the entire 5-minute song. However, after the DeathStar workout, we learned that Sticky had to flex on a Fox (while likely sleeveless) during EC at another AO (Fenceline?), so a modification was made, and YHC decided to do the same thing to “What Does the Fox Say?”


0532 Play “What Does the Fox Say”

  • Imperial Walkers are done throughout the entire song, with the exception of…
  • When you hear “What Does the Fox Say?”, do a burpee!

Warm-a-Rama cont.

  • 0532-0544
  • SSH & Stretches
  • Dips and mosey to back of Building for
    • Wall Sits
    • BTW
    • Dirty Hookups


  • Any member of PAX can spin the wheel of misfortune, taking turns.
  • We do each exercise together, then fast-mosey/sprint around the building.
  • Wait for the six to start the next exercise upon spinning the wheel.
  • Repeat.
  • Bankrupt pie-slice = AMRAP Merkins
  • Million $ pie-slice = Choose the workout and Quantity

Omaha to Flag

  • 1 American Hammer



  • Prayers for those still in Afghanistan and thanks for those that made it out.
  • Fenceline could use some Qs.
  • A handful of openings for Sad Clown through the rest of the year.
  • T-Claps for all that completed the Smurph challenge.

YHC prayed it out.

Thank you for letting me lead.

-Black Swan