Slammin’ Sammy’s Smackdown


PAX: Tesla, Big Sky, Pacer, Bushwood, 50cc, Hoolihan, Sir Charles, Snake on a Plan, Saban, Short Squeeze, Cornhole (QIC)

We started promptly at 5:30. However, YHC wanted to dwell on the F3 Mission a bit longer. The F3Nation website says “Plant, Grow, and Serve…”, but the Freed To Lead book has it “Plant, Serve, and Grow…”. It’s a small flip of the last two words, but YHC believes both are correct and can happen differently based on the person, Site, and even Region.

Planting always comes first. But then you may need to Serve each other and the community before you Grow. Conversely, some may find Growing as an easier and natural extension the Plant which then catalyzes them to then be able to Serve.

Interesting thoughts to start a Workout. Dwell on that over this next week. Where are you, your Site, your Region at in the Plant, Grow, Serve cycle?


  • Windmill x 10 IC (hold on each side)
  • String Rippers x 10 IC
  • Sun gods x 10 each way
  • SSH x 20 IC

We then moseyed to the Large Parking Lot and huddled up so YHC could outline…

The Thang

A workout is a workout. But it could be so much more. We have such a fantastic chance to really dig in and get to know each other a bit more AND do a workout at the same time. Counting reps is the great blocker to getting to know your fellow gloom brother. So, with that in mind, YHC eliminated the need for rep counts for The Thang.

YHC read a statement from the below list. If the statement doesn’t apply to you, then you run to the end of the parking lot, do 2 Burpees and then run back. If the statement applies to you, then you stay and do the indicated exercise AMRAP until the running group got back. While you are doing the exercise, the group can share more details around their answer.

Statement Exercise (all AMRAP)
Watched football this past weekend Sumo Squat
Did EC run today Merkin
Joined F3 in the last year Low Slow Flutter
DON’T work from home right now Lt. Dan
Have a birthday in Sept, Oct, Nov, or Dec Shoulder Taps
Have NOT Q’d SSS (sign up now!!) Freddie Mercury
Did NOT have an alcoholic beverage last night Bobby Hurley
Drove more than 3 miles to get here T-bar Merkin
Dove off a diving board at a pool this summer Chilcutt Plank
Currently reading a book Calf Raises
Play a musical instrument Crab Cakes
Ever coached your own kid’s team LBC
Football is NOT your favorite sport Copperhead Squat
Had a Cookout shake at least once this summer Carolina Dry Dock
Favorite season is Fall Crunchy Frog
Tried something new during quarantine Bunny Hop
Involved in a community service currently Werkins
Hate running WWII Sit Up
Learned something new about someone else today Merkins x 20



After completing the list, we moseyed back to shovel flag for…


  • LBC x 20 IC
  • E2K x 10 IC each side
  • American Hammers x 20 IC


After doing Namarama, YHC noted that he didn’t want COT to just be a Circle of Announcements. The idea that we have solid, encouraging brothers right here should not be wasted. YHC asked that if any PAX would like to share a tough spot or a bright spot going on in their lives right now, then please share. Gave the PAX time and a number of the men shared life happenings. That’s how you build trust. That’s how you build friendship. What a special time it was.


  • Check out Shenanigans for details on the Labor Day Convergence at Latham Grinder
  • Coffee after the workout at Pacer’s car. What a great way to close out Slammin’ Sammy’s every week…coffee with your gloom brothers

To close us out, YHC shared the F3 Credo of not leaving any man behind, but also not leaving any man where you found him. And also extrapolated on the Q Source material that you’re either climbing the mountain or you’re sliding down the mountain. There is no standing still. If you believe you’re standing still on the mountain, then you should look again and see how you’ve slid down the mountain instead. And while we climb this mountain, look around for your brothers who are also climbing the mountain. Be an encouragement, a support, a friend, and climb together.



  • So glad to meet 50cc today. He’s only a week into F3 and this was his first post at Slammin’ Sammy’s Smackdown. He pushed himself in parts of the workout today. Well done. At the end, 50cc told me that “he didn’t like my workouts”…which I’m pretty sure was code for “that was a workout that pushed me to get better and challenge me physically.” At least that’s what YHC is going to think
  • T-claps to Pacer for supplying coffee this morning
  • We learned that Bushwood was the only PAX at the workout today that is currently involved in a community service. That was inspiring to the rest of us to get our butts in gear and start the Serve part of the F3 Mission
  • Thanks to all that shared what was on their heart and minds right now. What was neat was seeing some commonalities between the PAX with some struggles and tough spots. It was a good reminder that if you ever think you’re alone, remember that you’re not. You have your gloom brothers very close at hand