5:32 am-6:15 am
70 degrees Fahrenheit, 88% humidity, wind 2 mph
Total distance 1.02 miles
PAX: 10 total including QIC:  WKRP(respect),Nancy, Dial-Up (respect), GoldenCorral, SnakesOnFlight, FloJo, Saban, ElmerFudd, Ricardo,High Heels-respect(Out of town guest-Wow!)
Q did not sleep well.  Then alarm did not go off.  I had 20 minutes to get to downtown Greensboro from Summerfield.  Thank you, Lord, for keeping the State Highway Patrol on other roads this morning.  Enough excuses.  Thanks for the PAX for not roasting me for being late, but I was on time for Local Honey!
Mosey to parking lot past Grasshoppers Ballpark.
Warmarama and trying to get my Bluetooth speaker to work, led by Nancy (thanks).  Body combat warm up: Jab, cross, jab, scissors times 3, switch to the other side.  Body shot, upper cut, duck times 2, switch to the other side.
Mosey to the other light post (why aren’t they working?).
Thang 1: Parking lot suicides: Plank, bear crawl position, kick through both sides, donkey kick. Rinse and repeat.
Active recovery.
Thang 2: Line up single file in plank position.  Last man does two burpees and runs to front of the line.
Line up in table top position.  Last man does 2 burpees and runs to the front of the line.
30 seconds of donkey kicks unbroken.
Thang 3: I could not find a suitable tree so we hugged a non-working light post in the parking lot while each PAX did 5 pushups in succession, then hold plank.  Each PAX got a turn hugging the post. We all felt bad for the last man rubbing his skin to previous PAX’s face and crotch sweat.
Mosey to Grasshoppers baseball stadium.
Thang 4:  Rocky Balboas for 30 seconds, Wall walk times 3 or handstand pushups. Four corner jumps for 30 seconds.
Mosey back to the AO.
Mary:  20 unbroken jump tucks OYO.  20 LBC IC led by Nancy.  20 American Hammers IC.
Announcements: Run the Boro starts this Saturday put on by RunnerDude Fitness.
Prayer.  Q took us out.  Love your brother and treat them kindly.