Date: 8/31/2021

Weather: Balmy 78

AO: Shake Weights

PAX: Scratch, Snookie, Poehler, Backdraft, Fannie, Frosty, Graffitti, Gecko, Phoenix, Drifter, Lynda, Bushwood, Raditor, Sparta, Houilhan, Stretch, 3 Card Monte, 50cc, & Oil Slick

I was fired up this morning! Not only with the non-sense and noise of the world but when YHC was preparing the location he noticed a parking lot vacuum cleaner was darting through the planned location of the beatdown. Decided to hold on to the Wienkes and get things started hoping said vacuum would be gone!

Once 5:30 hit I started with the mission of F3 and I asked WHAT are we doing to MEET that mission, that calling. Acceleration was stated, but YHC has had a fire inside since GR24. I pass by so many dang houses before I get to an AO. Our mission is to PLANT… that is where it starts. It may fail and you might not have all the tools but if we keep planting and learning ACCELERATION starts happening. So yea I was fired up a bit!


Walked to the location (movie theater parking lot) of the beatdown carrying our weights and coupons.

15 Peter Parker’s IC

3 burpees since Snookie decided to start Qing

15 Imperial Walkers

10 Windmills

The Thang

Pretty straight forward. 6 stations with 2 exercises each. Start with 5 reps per after the 1st round increase to 10 and then 15 until Omaha. After station 6 overhead carry weights back to Station 1.
I want it noted there were 3 funishment burpees again because PAX though Q was done and I was not! Mainly Bushwoods fault!

Station 1

Front Lunge (Each leg)

Station 2

Curls (each arm)

Station 3

Front Squat

Overhead Tri Extension

Station 4

Bent over row
Shoulder press

Station 5

Renegade Row (Total)


Station 6

Alternating Dumbbell Snatch
Calf Raises

After Omaha was called, toile the short walk back, picking up the 6 and dropping the weights we went right into Mary!


Low Slow Flutters

E to K’s

American Hammers


No announcements, but be on the look out for 9/11 Shenanigans.


I have a lot to say here and some things were covered in the gloom and will be left there but to shorten this and to minimize something being taken out of context.

Don’t be an ass on social media, talk to your brother instead of shots taken on Twitter, and get a shield lock that will sharpen, provide empathy, clarity, and cause you to be just a little better each day for yourself, your Concentrica, and the rest of the world. #GYHOOYA

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