Having read of this type of challenge of 2 dueling Qs each having their 15 minutes of fame to beatdown the pax from other regions had YHC interested from the get-go. With Site-Q responsibilites part of the deal, it seemed the perfect time to pull it off. Of course, implementation is more than half the battle. YHC figured doing this prior to Iron-Pax in September would be good warm up routines to IPC. Turns out- that thought was correct as both Qs today brought the pax to thier knees asking for mercy. The vote on the best Q which is left to the decision of the participants is still out to vote. While no trophy is on the line, YHC is sure the trash talk will be long lived!

The Site Q handled the warm up and it was shared with the two Qs so they knew what was prepared.

PAX: Akron, Root, City Slicker, Boy Wonder, Saban, Snooki, 3 for 1, Poelher, Earhart, Flo Jo, Bodett


SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

1 squat-wojo style

String Rippers x 10 IC

1 squat-wojo style

10 merkins

The 2 Qs then did some rock, paper, scissors to give the choice of who was going first. Akron finally won after many series of draws.


2 minutes of sprint between the curb and cone. At cone complete 15 reps of exercise, sprint back to curb, 15 more reps, repeat until time called.


15 burpees

15 merkins

15 mt. climbers

15 side-straddle hops

15 lunges

15 high knees

At this point time was called. We got a short respit as Root took us on a slow mosey to the other end of the parking lot and beside the building.


showed us the ‘Wall Walker’: start in plank position, back yourself up the wall into BTTW position, then back down to plank, do a merkin = 1 rep

divided us into 2 groups. Group 1 ran first, group 2 exercised first to space us out.

We started with 2 wall walkers and a lap.

Increase the reps by 2 each time around.

YHC got to the round with 8 WW, some may have gotten to 10.


My memory goes foggy here but I think we did:

heal touches


Apollo Creeds

Alternating v-ups

Ending with American Hammers



  • not detailing but prayers for mental health, Covid, undertanding & patience were made