My plan was to use the Soccer field for my first two thangs but the sprinklers had a different agenda.  So I set the first Thang up on the track.  The Pax that joined me Jitter Bug, Hoosier, Good Hands, Cheddar, explosion, Patch, Centerfold, Double Check, Red Rider, silicon (welcome to Respect Club), Guiding Light, Flamingo and Ricoli.  We did have a schnitzle sighting but i told him he wasn’t ready for what i was dishing and he should go to broga>  After the normal pleasantries and disclaimers we moseyed to high jump area to do some Warm-o-rama.



New Stretch that i call the Snooki

The goto Chicken wing

Ended with Hug thy self

We moysed about 100 steps to the end line of the FIeld/And on the track.


where we did;


first cone one donkey kick

Base line 2 donkey kicks

Second cone 3 donkey Kicks…….. all the way to ten Donkey kicks

if that wasn’t enough running we did 11’s across the field

where we did dips on the bleacher and crunchy frogs on the track.

Luckily we had some additional time to get some wall work in.

BTW-60 second count by pax-which seemed like the pax should be able to count to 60 but it was a challagne

Wall Sit Calf Raises-30

Aussie MC-20 IC

Wall sits Calf Raises-30

We took the long way back to the flag.



60 second plank-pax did much better counting this time

20 IC Ankle touches

20 Ic Lsf

15 each side E2K

FInished with 20 IC american Hammers



Oct 8-10th 10 year anniversary Patch is putting up 5 scholarships


Yours truly took us out.