Date: 8/21/2021

Workout: Randolph (Area 43)

Location: Creekside Park

Pax: Curb Appeal, Flip Phone, Frisbee Golf, Tweety Bird, Marshal Dillon (Respect), Salmon Ladder, Ninja, Bulldurm (Respect), Ricky Bobby, Patch (Q)

2-minute warning called; 1-minute warning called.

Introduction of the Q.

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.

You know your body better than I do.  Modify as necessary. Let’s plank it up. Looks like we’re waiting on a few Pax to get ready but we’ll start promptly at 0700.


Let’s mosey. We ran down to the end parking lot where hole #18 for disc golf is.  Looped back up the road to the motorcycle training parking lot.  Picked up the 6 on our way back.  Once we got to the motorcycle training parking lot, our setup was being taken down.  Apparently, they have a class there that starts at 8.  Audible put us up on the open field right above that lot.  No biggie.

15 – Imperial Walkers IC

15 – Sun Gods (each way) IC

Lucky 7’s

15 – Hillbillies IC

The Thang

This workout was taken from F3 Sacked in Greensboro, now Nantan.  Lunatic Fringe 7/17/2020.

The way it works, is we’ll count off 1-2-1-2, split into two groups and go around the 6 stations conducting the exercises.  The counts will always be 24-26-28.  It was slightly excessive at the time, and today will be no different. Group 1 will start at station 1 and Group 2 will start at station 4.

In the middle of this circle is three bonus/EC exercises for the Sugar Ray types.  If you feel so inclined, you can leave your group, conduct the exercises on one of the three slips of paper (turned over), and then return to your group.  Makes for some good mumblechatter as you will see.

Modify the counts as necessary.  Do in cadence or on-my-down as you see fit.  Modify the exercises as necessary.

Station 1: Merkins > Crunchy Frog > Wojo Squat

Station 2: Shoulder Taps > LSF > Squats

Station 3: Carolina Dry Docks > Elbow to Knee (E2K) > Monkey Humpers

Station 4: Werkins > High Dolly > Bobby Hurley’s

Station 5: Ranger Merkins > Pickle Pusher > Reverse Lunge

Station 6: Diamond Merkins > WW1 Situp > Static Lunge

EC in the Center: A-60 Burpees > B-80 Monkey Humpers > C-100 Merkins

Ricky Bobby from Group 1 was the first to head to the EC station.  He turned over card A where he began 60 Burpees.  He was likely around 15 or so Burpees in when Curb Appeal left Group 2 to join him. Curb Appeal didn’t know he could have picked another card, so he just started doing 60 Burpees as well.  Haha good stuff!  Funny, when we did this a year ago, Spike and I also ended up with 60 Burpees.  Both Ricky Bobby and Curb Appeal crushed it.

We had some fun demonstrating some of the exercises across the field for Group 1.  Crunchy Frog, LSF, Bobby Hurleys, High Dolly, the infamous Pickle Pusher, and the Static Lunge.

Tweety Bird was the only other Pax member to head to the center.  He picked card B and ended up with 80 Monkey Humpers.  Feel the burn!

Both groups finished up the 6 stations at about the same time.  With time on the clock, we all headed to the center to close out the last EC station excerise…100 merkins.  This was fun to see how the guys would get through this.  Sets of 20? Sets of 25? We’re definitely breaking it up.  Let’s do them together.  Who’s going to call them? We wound out the first two sets without much issue.  The third set we began to fall apart a bit.  Last set we broke into 15 and a set of 10.  Well done Pax. Well done.

During our breaks between sets, this reminded YHC of the Iron Pax Challenge which I encouraged them to sign up for or at least participate in the workouts.  It starts in September and is a weekly exercise. There were also some good mumble chatter going on. Our shoulders were fried in this workout. Thanks Sacked!


Mosey back to the SF.  Plank it up for the 6; some went back for the 6.  Right arm up, regular, left arm up, recover.

15 – LBCs IC

14 – LSFs IC

20 – American Hammers IC (Tweety Bird)



Bonnie’s aunt is coming off the machine and make a full recovery.  (Sorry, don’t have the full details)

No weekday Q’s yet but they’re coming.  Coordinate some casual weekday Q’s maybe.

Iron Pax Challenge starts in September. It’s nice to do an event that’s part of the larger F3 Nation.   F3 Greensboro is pretty big, but there’s a lot more to F3 Nation.  Good beatdown every week.

Curb Appeal took us out in prayer.

Y’all have a great starting base right now.  I’m glad I could be a part of the roots of this region.  Find a communication medium that you can all get behind.  Twitter or Slack would be my recommendations.  You’ll want something that you can communicate workouts, who’s Q’ing where.  We use Google spreadsheets for our Q Schedule that works really well. Twitter for our preblasts but Slack is also a good option.  Looking for good workout ideas? Check out our Backblast pages.

If you need something, reach out to us.  Always happy to help.  Thanks, Gunny, for connecting me with these Pax today.