8/23/21 Col Hard Fax

PAX:  Pitino, Stickshift, Weed, Bartman, Hoosier, Patch, Cottontail, Pity the Fool, EPA, Steely Dan, Misfire(QIC)

It was great to be back in Colfax again as I don’t typically post here.  Of course, EPA was already there doing some EC running.  Mission Statement given, we jumped right in


SSH, Mtn Climbers, String Rippers, Sun Gods


With 11 PAX, we had a conveyor of 10 exercise stations with the 11th PAX running the loop around the parking lot and then bumping each to the next station.  We went through 3 full rounds


Dumbell Curls

Lt Dans

Gorilla Rows

Mtn Climbers

Jump Rope

Box Cutters

Overhead Throws


Copperhead Squats

Run the parking lot

After completing 3 rounds, we moseyed to the playground for a little mini murph

Complete 3 rounds of 10 Pull Ups, 20 Merkins, and 30 Squats


American Hammer

Always an honor to lead, YHC took the group out in prayer

Aye, Misfire