Date: 8/19/2021

AO:  Inkwell

Arrive with enough time to casually join in on convo with site Q & homage to the appointed leader of the F3Natville.  Gave the F3 Mission and got down to business!

Warm-a-Rama:  MOTIVATOR x8 count IC, Windmills x10 (hold count of 3 each leg), String Rippers x10, Arm stretch in front of chest (hold count of 8 each arm), Arm behind head grabbing elbow (hold count of 8 each arm), Hug-thy-self x8, then mosey down pass tennis court to the adjacent parking lot for the beatdown.

The Thang: Q had the PAX view the parking lot for cones with winkies and the Key GUIDE. Q explained the stations are from #1 through #12 with instructions so pay attention to the KEY GUIDE. The count for all station reps is 20x or by your choice 10x IC / 20x IC  unless indicated on winkie.


Wild card: Pick from the deck 

Skip card: Continue the stations but skip the station color on the card

+2 card: Go to the color on the card and do all exercises at the station twice

+4 card: Go to the color on the card and do all exercises at the station four times

White: Station #1 & #12 – Roll the dice and go 2 station # then continue

Black: Station #6 & #7 – Draw a card – detour to destinated area

Station #1 (white) – Plank Jacks, SSH’s, Mountain Climbers; with an option to roll the dice after completing the station.

Station #2 (yellow) – Copperhead Squats, Jump Squats, Lunges

Station #3 (blue) IC – Inch Worms, Burpees, Mike Tysons,

Station #4 (red) – Hand Release Merkins

Station #5 (green) – Smurf Jacks, Wide Merkin

Station #6 (black) – Wild cards

Station #7 (black) Wild cards

Station #8 (green) – Heels 2 Heaven, Ranger Merkins

Station #9 (red) IC – E2K (Elbows to Knees – left and right)

Station #10 (yellow) – LBC’s, Freddie Mercuries, Box Cutters 

Station #11 (blue) – Wojo Squats, Heel Touches, Imperial Walkers

Station #12 (white) – Merkins, Alternate Shoulder Taps, Dry Docks


MARY: 10x IC of Body Destroyers then American Hammers 1x IC due to time

Name-O-Rama: Go Blue, Birds Nest, Ricardo, Sacked, Saban, Back Draft, and FloJo on the “Q”!

COT: Announcements/Prayer request for Saban, Back Draft, and FloJo/Prayer lead by FloJo.

We came, we worked, we conquered! All got better!! It was my pleasure to lead! I appreciate the “Stairwell of Seventh Heaven” PAX who stepped up in good spirits ready to put in work.  Inkwell Name of Rama 8/19/21

FloJo “Salute”