Shake Weight 8/17/21

PAX: Phoenix Q (R), Sacked (R), Black Knight (R), Radiator (R), Blue Oyster (R), Houlihan, Stretch (R), Back Draft, Boy Wonder (R), Poehler, Saban, 3 Card Monty, Gekko, Drifter

– SSH x15 IC
– String Rippers X15 IC
– Imperial Walkers x15 IC
– Hill Billies x15 IC
– Sun Gods x15 IC

– Take weights to level 2 of the parking deck
– Head over to the entrance to the middle of back ramp
– Start from the wall and keep weights with you

Starting wall
– Curls x20 each arm

Run to other side
– Each time you cross the median do one of the exercises

First median:
– Merkins x20
– Derkins x20
– Irkins x20

Second median:
– Overhead press x20
– Bent over rows x20
– In/outs x20

– Squat x20

– LBC x10 IC
– Low Slow Flutter x10 IC
– Homer & Marge x10
– American Hammer x10 IC

– Looking for Qs, reach out to Drifter

– Thursday’s InkWell, looking for some PAX!

– Wednesday Coffee Talk with Strech

Tommy Boy: I charge each of you to make a quick list & tell those MIA that you’d like to pick them up for a workout this week. Let them know that their absence is noticed & their presence is missed.

– I like the way the median workout turned out. Rameses gave me the inspiration for this workout. Next time I’ll have the pax leave the weights on one of the medians and run to the other wall for some better cardio