F3 Uptown Funk – 0530, 06/01/2021

PAX:  Amphibious, Lynda, Simone, Ricardo, Huggies, Tesla, Earhart, Cheddar, Blanche, Saban, Gunny, Snakes on a Plane, Go Blue!, Don’t Cha Know, Poehler, Spurrier (QIC)

Welcome/Disclaimer/No FNG’s


Warm-O-Rama –  Mosey to Top Parking Deck

Windmills (x12 IC)

Side Straddle Right Leg Hops (x10 IC), Side Straddle Hops Left Leg (x 10 IC)

Ankle Touch Squats (x15 IC), Heismans (x12),

Chinooks (x 10 normal, 10 Squat, 10 rotating, IC)

THANG#1:    YvY Today as you visit the Mystery Pain Bucket

-PAX starts at the Pain Center, enjoying the Tunes on Hand

-Run approximately 100 yards to the Pain Bucket

-Along the way there are 3 speed bumps

      1. A) First Speed Bump = 2 Burpees
      2. B) Second Speed Bump = 3 Big Boy Sit Ups
      3. C) Third Speed Bump = 4 Star Jumps

-Reach into the Pain Bucket, Grab an Exercise and Run Back to Pain Center
-No Stops for Speed Bumps on the way back

-Call out Exercise and Perform the work out OYO.

-When completed, return exercise paper to the disposal.  R&R.

Exercises Were As Follows

-Blockies w/ IJL Coupons x 5 (SC)

-Burpees x 15 (SC)

-Jump Rope x 60 (SC)

-Big Boy Sit Ups x 30 (SC)

-Side Straddle Hops x 40 (SC)

-Merkins x 25 (SC).

-Mountain Climbers x 50 (SC)

-360 Degree Jump Squats x 15 (SC)

-Monkey Humpers x 40 (SC)

-Evolution of Man/Turkish Get Ups x 8 (SC)

-Bear Crawl to Cone #2

-Bunny Hop to the Pain Bucket

-Body Destroyer x 10 (SC)

THANG#2  Parking Deck Springs, 2 Heats…60%, 60%, 80%, 100%

COT: Spurrier

On a personal note, posting and leading today was a great way for me to end a very hectic work week.  YHC has only posted at Uptown Funk a few times and the Site Q, Simone, reached out and asked me to Q a while ago.  At first, the answer was No,…then after reconsideration, why not?  What a great AO…very different from the Northwest community AO’s where I’m comfortably planted.  Thank you Simone for the disruption, making me uncomfortable and inviting me to Q today.  #waytolead  I am better for it and can’t wait to do it again some day in the future!  Lastly, but more importantly, today was a really solid effort by the PAX…lots of hustle, mumble chatter, and energy.  I am really proud of the 100% commitment each of you gave!

Aye-  Spurrier