PAX: Xerox, Hoosier, Silicone, Hallpass, Double Check, Drizzle, JR, Centerfold, Dr. Quinn, Flamingo, Jitterbug (Q).

AO: Lunatic Fringe:  Greensboro Day School

Lovely morning to sweat out any funk that may have been invading our bodies!  We started the day with….

Warm A Rama

SSH’s, Squats, Wind Mills w a Pump at top, Imperial Walkers, Lucky 7’s, Press Press Fling, then we Moseyed….  to the field house.


2 man teams: RAGNAR portion:  1 man runs the following leg(s) while the other man starts the GLAMPS exercises.

GREEN LEG: 1 Time around the track, relieve your partner and find out where he is on the GLAMPS (50 of ea.) Partner then runs the Green Leg.

YELLOW LEG: Run to Lawndale, take sidewalk S. to lower entrance to school parking lot, tag the gate, return>relieve your partner who runs the Yellow leg.  Find out where he’s at in the GLAMPS.

RED LEG:  Run behind building that is parallel to the field house, and climb the hill via the stairs to the courtyard and follow the side walk to the stairs>down the stairs to parking lot>to the shovel flag>enter track>go LEFT….LEFT….and around the track and back to the field house.  Relieve your partner, and find out where he’s at in the GLAMPS.  He then runs the Red Leg.

GLAMPS (similar to BLIMPS) are:

Get Ups (Prisoner or Turkish), Lunges (50 ea leg), Alabama Ass Kickers, Mike Tyson’s, Plank Dips, Squats

3 teams got to run the Green leg again, and all started the GLAMPS over.  Good work!  Moseyed back to Shovel Flag for…


Circle of Hate:  Drizzle started with Low Slow Flutter, JR led us in Carolina Wine Mixers (a crowd fav)…right…, Centerfold called…mmm… Dr. Quinn called, Dying Cockroaches, Flamingo called….Freddy Mercury, Xerox called…..yeah…, I called Boxcutters, Hoosier called maybe LBC’s??  Silicone called Heel Touches…YAY!!  🙂  and Hallpass called Homer-Marge.


Hoosier shared a story about a church trying to assist the school system with a meeting place and supplies and how a couple of ungrateful people ruined the deal for GCS’ s and teachers at NW Guilford High.  Be a blessing and be willing to accept blessings!

JR took us out!  AYE!