Baby Bop needed a fill in for his scheduled Q and YHC had to post at CT for his #natvillesummerchallenge stop. It was a match made in heaven.

PAX: Hall Pass, Giggawatt, Eggplant, Bodett

Greating/disclaimer/mission were given.


Mosey to track

SSH x 15

IW x 15 IC

StringRippers x 10 IC

Sungods x 10 IC F & R

Merkin x 10 IC

Hug thy self; arm stretch right & left

Runners stretch: right & left



YHC had a bag and let the pax draw the slip of their choice for the pax to do. Hall Pass was first to draw.

We did:

Middle Explore – a Dora workout consisting of 100 WWI sit ups, 200 flutter kicks, 300 LBC

Upon completion Giggawatt drew next-

CENTURY CLUB- 100 burpees

First minute – 8 burpees

2nd – 9 burpees

3rd – 10 burpees

4th – 11 burpees

5th – 12 purbees

6th minute – rest

7th – 12 burpees

8th – 11 burpees

9th – 10 burpees

10 – 9 burpees

11th – 8 burpees

It was then Eggplant’s turn to draw. He drew Triple Nickels.

We moseyed to the hill by the baseball field for:

5 big boys sit ups at bottom of hill; 5 turkish get ups at top of hill; repeat 5 times.

Omaha was called prior to completion but we were all focused on Elon Musk hovering over us at this point.


Nothing timly to report.

Thanks for the oppunity to lead.