Skies were threatening all day, wind and rain in the forecast for Tuesday, August 17th at the Blue Plate.

We meet at Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballinger Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410. *Must access thru Chimney Rock, Ballinger bridge is out.  5:45 pm Tuesdays.

HEH- you.  Check us out, good times, good crowd and their is life in the PM.

Pretty excited to have Windmill on the Q.  He has plenty to do, and if you notice Natville, he is asked to Q often at many sites.  Why?

He has a plan, he is prepared and his workouts are uptempo- just the way the Plate likes it.

Pax of 12: Damage Control, Sheldon, Michelin Man, Udders, Stryker, Kevin, Expired, Mudflap, Slummy, Guiding Light, Short Bus, and Windmill.

Glad to see Udders show, first time at this AO, he is on the Q next week, we like them prepared.  Short mosey then-


  • Sun God (20)
  • String Ripper (20)
  • Squat Billy (20)
  • Toy Soldier (20)
  • Windmill (15)
  • Lucky 7

Stryker did his best to have 2F , focus from Windmill kept it at a minimum.  You see, Windmill likes no chatter and he has a plan to quench it.

Run loop around soccer field for the Thang:

Suicide – 10-15-20 reps, back to start line after each

  1. Merkin
  2. Crunchy Frog
  3. Shoulder tap
  4. Carolina DD
  5. WW1 Situp
  6. Pickle Pusher
  7. Diamond Merkin
  8. Jack Knife
  9. Dancing Bear

Not much chatter- this was hard.  Then-

2-Men teams

  • Wall Sit – Run & 10 Burpees
  • Balls to the Wall – 10 Crab Cakes

Recovery – Circle Plank – 100-count

Run loop around soccer field back to flag.  Although the heat was absent, the humidity was in full force.


  • Lo Dolly -15
  • Elbow to Knee – 2 x 10
  • Heel touch – 2x 10
  • American Hammer – 20

Slummy took us out.  Great 2f after.  Thanks for leading.