YHC woke up at 0430 this morning with questions in my head. My legs were still sore from Maneater’s beat down at Shake ‘n’ Bake. I really wasn’t sure I wanted to do a bootcamp and I needed to get at least 5 miles in for my cannonball training. I planned to do my usual Wednesday routine with an EC at Slammin’ Sammy’s but thought I might splinter for the beat down. I decided to look up who was Q’ing SSS to see if that might sway my decision. When I opened the Q sheet, my eyes saw a familiar name in the column under Natty’s Hump … my own. Yup. It wasn’t on my calendar and I just happened to see it at 0450 before leaving the house. I started to formulate a plan in my head as I drove to the park and took a mosey on the Greenway. By the time I got back to the AO I had a plan in my head ready to execute!

The PAX:

Phoenix, Poehler, Gekko, Hall Pass, Blue Oyster, Bones, Bodet, Socrates, Double Check, Mall Cop

The Setting:

Hot and humid! Thank Sky Q for the occasional breeze!


We moseyed to the church parking lot and got into it. Standard fare: Mountain Climbers, Sun Gods, Windmills, String Rippers…

Thang 1:

The church parking lot has two speed bumps in it that are nicely spaced apart. We did a ladder starting with 10 merkins on one side and 1 LBC on the other. Each round the count of merkins was reduced by 1 and the LBC’s increased by 1 always adding up to 11.

Thang 2:

We moseyed into the dark and headed toward the cemetery just inside the gate. There is a row of bushes on the right hand side. The end of the row was the starting point for a DORA 1-2-3. With only 5 of us, we had two men run while the other three did the exercise rather tan doing it as a partner effort.


My daughter had come back from a swim practice recently telling me about a killer ab workout they did called the 300. Four exercises were performed in succession in sets of 25 each, then 20, 15, 10, and 5. Altogether it added up to 300 reps.

  • LBCs
  • E2K Right
  • E2K Left
  • Low slow flutter


Prayers for kids and schools as the school year returns. Bones lifted up a friend’s family dealing with a suicide in the family and reminded us all to look out for each other be willing to talk if we are dealing with depression.


My sincere apologies for not being fully prepared this morning. Hopefully you all got what you needed out of the workout this morning!

Also, Cobains for the high number of LBCs. I know my abs will be sore tomorrow but it was better than burpees!