Date: August 18, 2021

Weather: 71 degrees & 96% humidity (ugh!)

Pax: 13 for Bootcamp – Explosion, Earhart, Bobby Knight, Nancy, Short Squeeze, Flo Jo, Snakes on a Plane (War Baby), Wilma (Kotters), Udders, Snowflake (War Daddy), Houlihan, Cornhole (Kotters), Wojo (QIC); 5+1 for 5:02 EC Run – Pacer, Nancy, Short Squeeze, Wojo, Big Sky (for about 1/2 mile), Houlihan was also out early running in the park

With my second Q in 3 days that I neglected to add to my calendar, I turned today to the F3 OG workout – Pearls on a String – for today’s #DownPAINMent. This was really the best way to help me get my 5 miles worth of Cannonball 1/2 training, and since I haven’t used this particular workout before, it was fun to plan.  And with the Wyndham just ending (which Sam Snead owned during his time as a professional golfer), we’ll call this particular edition the Hit It and Go Get It Edition. It was not as fun to execute, but the 13 Pax who posted this morning were there for a good #DRP and to #DoTheHardThing. Mission Accomplished (and 5 pearls/holes were enough – thank goodness we didn’t play 18)!

With the PAX already circled up on the Lindley Park Hoops Court, YHC provided the welcome and statement of the F3 Mission. With no FNGs in attendance today, all were ready to get to work!


  • The Motivator (started at 8 count and descended to 1) #CrowdPleaser
  • Imperial Walker X 15 (IC)
  • Abe Vigoda Windmill X 12 (IC)
  • String Rippers X 12 (IC)
  • Sun Gods X 10 (IC) – Forward & Reverse

With the PAX loosened up at this point, it was time to mosey off campus and start…


We moseyed to each Pain Station, paying particular attention to picking up the Six before beginning each set of exercises.

  • Station 1: Beverly/Starmount Dr. Intersection – The MERKIN-A-TOR
    • Merkins X 10 (IC)
    • Werkins X 10 (IC)
    • Diamond Merkins X 10 (IC, err on my down instead!)
  • Station 2: Starmount Dr /Brentwood Intersection – JACOB’S LADDER (This station was the PAX’ Favorite! #CrowdPleaser)
    • Run up to W/E Brentwood split – 1 burpee. Repeato down and back up to 7 burpees & plank at top when done
  • Station 3: W. Brentwood / Madison Ave Intersection – ABS-R-SORE-US
    • Bay City Scissors X 10 (8 Count IC )
    • Freddie Mercuries X 10 (IC)
    • Crunchy Frog X 10 (IC)
  • Station 4: Forestdale / Madison Ave Intersection – SQUAT-TAC-ULAR
    • Squats X 10 (IC)
    • Wojo Squats X 10 (IC)
    • Lateral Lunges X 10 (IC – alternating legs)
    • Low Slow Jump Squats X 10 (IC)
  • Station 5: Beverly Pl / Madison Ave Intersection – PLANK-O-RAMA
    • Alternating Shoulder Taps X 10 (IC)
    • Mahktar N’Diaye X 10 (IC)
    • Amazing Spiderman X 10 (IC right side, then left side)

After completing Station 5, we moseyed back down Beverly, reassembling at Station 1 to collect the Six and then continued to the Shovel Flag, just in time for…


  • American Hammers X 10 (IC)


Announcements, Prayer Requests & Naked Man Moleskin

  • Flo Jo is the Q at Ink Well tomorrow morning. He’s going to BRING IT so you will want to post to #GetBetter
  • Hump Day Happy Hour this afternoon at Bites & Pints on Spring Garden St – 5:30ish…
  • 2nd F Coffee and discussion ON SITE right after COT. Nancy promised a better question to discuss than last week and he delivered – ‘What makes a good friend/how can you identify it?’
  • Prayer Requests – don’t be afraid to reach out as we need it!
    • CJ on the passing last week of his father
    • Pacer for his mother’s fight with cancer, which has made a strong return
    • Bobby Knight as he goes to Indiana later this week for his sister’s 40th birthday. They are very different and the discussions can hard at times. Prayers for wisdom, patience & peace!
    • Wojo and my family for my mother’s continued health battle – for the grit to get better & fight, our understanding and acceptance if she decides she is done, and that we will be able to visit with her soon (facility currently in a COVID lockdown)
  • The approximate 1 mile loop between stations yielded 1.9 miles due to the Jacob’s Ladder up & down. When planning the workout yesterday, I actually thought we might be able to get through the Stations TWICE! Yeah, well Station 2 killed that.
  • Explosion, Bobby Knight, Snakes on a Plane (I think), Flo Jo, & Earhart killed it today – particularly on that Jacob’s Ladder station. You guys basically lapped the rest of us!
  • Welcome Back Kotters today go to Cornhole & Wilma. You guys both got after it today. We are always better when you guys are in the Gloom with us.
  • I hope Snowflake really wasn’t too disappointed that I didn’t put us all in puddle for Superman/Banana. I promise to make it up to you!
  • Udders, thanks for coming to join us today from Southern Virginia – way to push for another Bodett Cup! Houlihan & Short Squeeze, it is always good to post with my neighbors!
  • I have seriously got to do a better job of keeping up with my Q commitments – 2 in 3 days is ridiculous, but it has been great to be with you guys this week, a week where I have needed our community and your support. It’s been a tough few weeks dealing with the declining health of our mother. I really appreciate Earhart for speaking for me and my family today.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q today, Pacer. I have a shovel flag in my car, but it is the Starmount Stampede Shovel Flag. I guess I am posting there tomorrow…

Keep getting better men!